Consolidation of environmental and other consultants into large corporate entities led to the creation of No. 198-ranked Top 200 list new entrant EHS Support LLC, which it says is completely virtual, with about 100 employees in the U.S, U.K., Europe, Australia and elsewhere, but no brick-and-mortar offices.

EHS specializes in environmental risk assessment, such as 3-D subsurface modeling (above), tied to client acquisitions and third-party liability.

President Andy Patz says it has supported about $2.5 billion of M&A deals in the treated-wood industry.

“We are highly experienced people who left huge firms looking for a different culture,” says Europe director Gerald Hincka, home-based in Belgium, who had worked for a rival firm. Being virtual offers 24/7 flexibility and competitiveness, says Patz.

Chairman Kenny Ogilvie acknowledged “communication challenges” in a 2016 interview with industry consultant Zweig Group, but he noted EHS use of “a virtual software model and organizational structure that makes everyone feel connected.”

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