Massachusetts’ high court has ordered a state superior court to reassess facts in a pay dispute on an overbudget and late-running $90-million fiber-optic project  for a state agency. The ruling may allow contractor G4S Technology LLC to seek recovery of up to $14 million that the lower court denied, citing alleged intentional late payments to subcontractors. The state Supreme Judicial Court on June 13 affirmed the lower court on its ruling of contract breach related to the sub payments. But Judge Scott Kafker reversed the decision on issues linked to contract fraud or whether G4S was entitled to any cost recovery on its claim that the owner failed to finish preliminary work on time. “Whether this claim has merit and whether such calculations of damages are correct require further fact finding, but some recovery, at least for the loss of the time value of money, may be justified,” said Kafker. “Whether the monetary loss for [the owner] due to fraud is less than the monetary loss due to breach of contract also should be determined.”