Every year, since 2003, Engineering News-Record has invited readers to participate in a contest to help us find and publish the best construction photography taken in the world in the preceding year. And now we are opening the submission window to do it again.

Submissions, as always, will be presented to a panel of judges that will include ENR editors and art directors, as well as an outside photographer and a construction site safety expert. And every year we try to empanel a new group of judges to ensure we bring a fresh set of eyes to the task.

The contest is open to all of our picture-taking readers — individuals and firms, amateurs and pros. In some years we have gotten more than 1,500 submissions, although we have been running the contest long enough to see that the sheer number of entries tends to rise and fall a bit with the economic fortunes of the industry.

But in good times or bad, the submissions have followed one steady trend: they just keep getting better and better. Some of that can probably be attributed to improvements in cameras and the proliferation of them on jobsites, but we also like to think the ENR readers themselves have something to do with it because they enjoy The Year in Construction winners gallery of about 40 great photos that ENR publishes annually, and they challenge themselves to earn a place in it, and they keep pushing up the bar.

So here are the details:

Photographers are invited to submit their best construction photos taken anywhere in the world between Nov. 19, 2016 and Nov. 18, 2017. We want dynamic, well-composed and aesthetically pleasing photos; but please do not submit photos showing unsafe conditions or behavior.

The winning photos will be published in a 2017 ENR Photo Contest Winners Gallery in the Jan. 8/15, 2018 issue, as well as in a winners gallery online. Click here to see last year's winners' gallery.

Deadline for submissions is Nov. 18, 2017!

Click here to enter now!