In response to devastating floods in the past few weeks from Hurricanes Harvey and Irene in Texas, Louisiana and many areas in the Southeast, the American Society of Civil Engineers’ library has assembled a set of papers and publications that highlight post-flood response and the risks posed by flooding in urban areas, making them free and publicly available to non-members until Dec. 31, 2017.

Bruce Gossett, ASCE managing director and publisher, says those wanting access to the documents at will need to register as users of the ASCE library and provide an e-mail address and password.

Titles include proceeding papers on assessing the built environment’s vulnerability to flooding and flood-damage assessment, as well as other recent papers covering topics such as quantifying resilience and uncertainty in coastal flooding events; planning and designing urban flood-control measures; identifying and prioritizing critical transportation infrastructure in coastal flooding situations; and optimal risk-based management of coastal bridges.

Also included are a study about economic losses from a hypothetical hurricane in the Houston-Galveston area and a 2015 analysis of flood fatalities in Texas.