Walk-Behind Trowel: Large Blades

Powered by an 8-hp Honda GX 270 engine, the PT479 walk-behind trowel can work at speeds of up to 115 rpm and features a 46-in. blade. It has an operating weight of 229 lb. Twist-pitch and cog-pitch controls allow for the trowel’s performance to be adjusted as needed. If the handle begins to rotate, a quick-stop feature immediately halts the blade without having to stop the engine first. American Pneumatic Tools; www.apt-tools.com 

Pipe Transport Trailer: Adjustable Frame

The AMT pipe trailer is designed to work with the AMT 600 multipurpose truck. It boasts a flexible-load rear frame, with 45° swivel capability. The trailer has a load capacity of 50,000 lb and an adjustable length of 22 ft, 2 in., up to 35 ft, 8 in. To avoid damage to the pipes during transport and loading, the load surface is made of oak timbers and the side poles are coated with Teflon. Available with multiple tire options, the trailer is well suited to off-road applications. ARDCO; www.ardcomfg.com

Truck-Mounted Crane: Improved Lift Capacity

The Dominator III mechanics truck with a telescopic crane has an 11-ft body that allows it to work in areas inaccessible to the 14-ft model. The 25-ft, 12,000-lb telescopic crane weighs 440 lb less than the earlier model, with a maximum lifting capacity of 81,000 lb. When operating at its full extension, the crane is able to lift 12,000-lb loads over work zones with ease. Iowa Mold Tooling; www.imt.com

Dust Control: Filter Attachment Runs Off Tool’s Battery

The GDE18V-16 cordless HEPA dust collector is designed to fit Bosch rotary hammers drills. It meets the standards of OSHA’s regulations for silica-dust exposure. The filter is able to capture 99.7% of particles that are 0.3 microns or larger. The attachment has a dust-collection capacity for more than 40 holes using a 1⁄4-in. drill in 6 in. of concrete. Powered by the tool’s battery, it does not require any external power source or vacuum hoses. Bosch Power Tools; www.bosch.com

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