Directional Drill: Better Pipe Handling

The DD2024 directional drill rig is now available with TDOS-1, a pipe-handling system that improves cycle times. The TDOS-1 system’s SmartTouch feature allows a single joystick to select from all the pipe-handling options. The new controls software is available on new models and as an upgrade to existing machines. Toro Co.;

Concrete Anchor: Corrosion-Resistant

The Titen HD stainless-steel screw anchor is designed for use in concrete and masonry. The bi-metal connector consists of Type 216 stainless steel, with carbon-steel threading braized into the shank. The anchor contains less carbon steel than comparable anchors, which reduces the possibility of corrosion. The corrosion-resistant anchor is intended for exterior applications and corrosive areas, such as in marine environments. The Titen HS screw anchor can be installed using an impact wrench or hand tools. Simpson StrongTie;

Circular Saw: Dual Batteries Provide Needed Power

The XSR01 rear-handle circular saw is well suited for framing, framework and other demanding carpentry work. The 71⁄4-in. circular saw is powered by two 18V lithium-ion batteries. It can make repeated cuts through engineered lumber and multiple sheets of plywood without needing a recharge. According to the manufacturer, the XSR01 can make up to 558 cuts in 2x4 SPF lumber or 291 cross cuts in 2x10 SPF lumber on a single charge. Electronic controls adjust the torque, cutting the speed during use for more even cuts. Makita Tool;

Wheeled Excavator: Tier 4 Final Engine

The Liebherr A 918 Litronic wheeled excavator has an operating weight in the 38,800-lb to 43,600-lb range. Powered by a 163-hp engine, the excavator has a 8-ft-long, 4-in.-wide undercarriage, allowing the machine to work on crowded jobsites as well as in drainage and pipeline work. The excavator’s engine uses selective-catalytic reduction to meet Tier 4 Final emissions standards. It features a quick-coupler system and comes with a standard 1-cu-yd bucket. Liebherr;

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