Pittsfield, Maine-based contractor Cianbro, a Massachusetts developer and a Boston contractor have purchased a former radar station in Moscow, Maine, where they plan to develop a powerplant and business complex.

Conroy Development Corp., Stoughton, Mass., Jay Cashman Inc., Quincy, Mass., and Cianbro purchased the former U.S. Air Force backscatter radar station in March for $730,000 from the General Services Administration through competitive bidding, says Terry Conroy, Conroy Development director.

Pete Vigue, Cianbro CEO, says, "Moscow has been extremely supportive … for several years, and [we] are really interested in exploring ways to generate electricity on-site, the first of which could be wind power."

The 1,300-acre tract of land includes 30,000 sq ft of buildings and access roads, according to Cianbro. Furthermore, power lines and an on-site substation make the project well suited for generating electricity.

Firms that require reserves of energy to run large servers, for example, would benefit from a substantial supply of electricity at the site, Vigue says. Also, electric bills may be cheaper for tenants, since on-site generation would minimize transmission costs.

Renovation of existing buildings or new construction could be attractive to certain types of businesses that need a secure, isolated site with an independent power supply and minimal chance of earthquakes, Vigue says. "The development shouldn't disrupt anyone's quality of life," he says.

Since acquiring the site, the partners have been in discussion with potential investors, Vigue says, but he declined to name them.

A GSA spokesman says the property was acquired in 30 parcels between the late 1960s and late 1980s. The base closed in 2002. Some Maine citizens worry the site will be used as a biomass plant. However, Vigue says, "This [option] is absolutely not in the cards."