Alabama Lenzing Fibers Inc. is planning to construct a new cellulose-fiber production facility at its plant site in Axis. The project scope includes construction of a building and purchase and installation of pulp-spool receiving and handling equipment, heated pressure vessels, and mixing, filtering, spinning, drying, finishing, mechanical carding and packaging equipment. The new production unit will have the capacity to produce 90,000 tonnes per year of lyocell fibers from dissolving pulp. The estimated EPC cost is $293 million. Lenzing Fibers Inc., 12950 U.S. Highway 43 North, Axis, 36505. IR#AL161205.

Arizona ST Partners LLC, doing business as Almark Foods, is planning to build a 120,000-sq-ft egg-products processing facility on a 17-acre site in Yuma. The project scope includes the purchase and installation of automated conveying, cooking, chilling and peeling equipment, as well as sorting, inspection and packaging systems. Construction is expected to begin in the second quarter of 2017. The estimated EPC cost is $27.5 million. Almark Foods, 2118 Centennial Dr., Gainesville, Ga. 30504. IR#AZ161204.

Idaho Centennial Renewable Energy LLC is considering constructing a wood-fuel-pellet plant in Potlatch. The project scope includes construction of building space and a concrete storage dome; replacement of track and rail; purchase and erection of structural steel; and purchase and installation of waste-wood receiving and handling systems, a dryer, hammer and pellet mills, conveyors, screens, a cooler, and dust-collection, packaging and rail-loading equipment. It will have the capacity to produce 175,000 to 200,000 tonnes per year of fuel pellets from wood waste. The estimated EPC cost is between $30 million and $60 million. Centennial Renewable Energy LLC, 610 Washington Ave., Pocatello, 83201. IR#ID160601.

Iowa Inland Sea-Harlan LLC is planning to construct an aquaculture facility in Harlan. The 90,000-sq-ft facility will include culture tanks with bio-filters, blowers, feed conveyors, climate control, water recirculation and filtering systems. The facility will have the capacity to produce 5.3 million lb of salmon a year. Pranger Enterprises Inc. has been chosen to provide design engineering and construction management. The estimated EPC cost is $28 million. Pranger Enterprises Inc., P.O. Box 366, Ashley, Ind. 46705. IR#IA160904.

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