Flexible Camera: Detachable Screen

The Williams Wireless Boroscope has a 3-ft flexible camera tube that allows for inspection of confined spaces. A detachable 3.5-in. LCD screen provides a separate view while the user manipulates the camera. The camera features a 3x zoom and a built-in LED. The camera is waterproof and supports up to a 32GB micro SD card for storage. Snap-On Industrial; www.snapon.com

Angle Grinder: Automatic Speed Control

Makita’s new 41⁄2-in. Angle Grinder features an electronic brake that can stop the wheel in under two seconds when the switch is released. The grinder is powered by an 18V lithium-ion battery. The tool’s large paddle switch has a two-stage lock-off to prevent accidental start-up. When a battery is inserted, an auto-restart cutoff prevents the tool from starting up if the switch is in the “on” position. With the battery, the tool weighs only 5.6 lb. The tool’s brushless motor can deliver 8.500 rpm and features automatic speed control, which adjusts the speed and torque during grinding or cutting applications. Makita; www.makitatools.com

Face Protection: Goggles and Face Shield

The Vader Combo vented goggles and face shield protects workers in dirty and dangerous applications. The goggles feature an over-the-glasses design and have a soft rubber coating around the edges to maintain a good seal. The polycarbonate lens is ANSI-rated and has an anti-fog coating. Unlike other face-protection systems, the face shield does not attach to the wearer’s hardhat but is integrated into the goggles. Brass Knuckle Safety Products; www.brassknuckleprotection.com

Portable Generator: Longer Run Time

The CPG25 Generator is powered by a 32.5-hp Isuzu 4LE engine and can deliver power in multiple voltages. Available in a skid-mounted or trailer-mounted configuration, the generator comes in a corrosion-resistant, weatherproof enclosure. On a full tank of diesel, the generator can provide 45 hours of run time at 75% load. The CPG25 can be used for motor-starting applications and is capable of delivering 300% of power over normal load for starting motors. Chicago Pneumatic; www.cp.com

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