Pipe Inspection Camera: Wireless Monitor

The SeeSnake M40 camera reel has a self-leveling camera head and 131 ft of push cable. It is compatible with RIDGID’s CSx series of detachable Wi-Fi enabled monitors for easier viewing. Designed for inspection of pipes, the M40 features a slightly stiff push cable well suited for long runs in main and branch lines, while the C40 model is more flexible for pipe systems with tight turns. The camera features full HDR, allowing for greater contrast in light and dark areas of the image. RIDGID; www.ridgid.com 

Roof Membrane: Color Treatment

The Kemperol 2K-FR color treatment for commercial and low-slope roofs is a cold, liquid-applied, fully reinforced membrane system. Designed for buildings where white roofs are not required, the color treatment is polyurethane-based resin that is resistant to fading. The color treatment is applied in single layer, with no need for a topcoat. The roof membrane is available in a range of colors. Kemper System; www.kempersystem.net

Walk-Behind Trencher: Independent Traction Control

The TRX-300 walk-behind trencher is powered by a 26.5-hp Kohler engine and has a maximum forward speed of 2.3 mph. The trencher features Intelli-Trench technology that automatically diverts hydraulic flow from the traction motors to the trencher head, allowing the operator to keep the traction handle in place without constant adjustment. Independent traction control for each track allows for the trencher to proceed over uneven or unstable ground. Toro; www.toro.com

Compact Wheel Loader: High Lift Option

The Deere 344L compact wheel loader is now available with a high-lift option, pushing the maximum pin height to 13 ft, 2 in. When using a quick coupler and bucket, the 344L has a full-turn tipping load of 10,362 lb. The high-lift option also adds 1 ft of horizontal reach, allowing for easier clearance when loading or stacking materials. Deere Construction & Forestry; www.deere.com

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