Construction on the $320.5-million New Museum in Perth, Western Australia, is set to start by year-end and move into high gear next year. The Western Australia government is encouraging interested Aboriginal businesses, contractors and suppliers of goods and services to register at The building is scheduled for completion in 2019. Doors are set to open in 2020.

The architects HASSELL + OMA have formed a series of five stacked, offset and cantilevered blocks, with various footprint sizes. The architecture, recently unveiled by managing contractor Brookfield Multiplex and the Western Australia government, is intended to create a public venue at the Perth Cultural Centre. At the heart of the museum is an outdoor room framed by historic buildings and intersected by the new construction.

The addition to the existing museum will contain 7,000 sq meters of galleries, including a 1,000-sq-m space for large-scale temporary exhibits.