Maneuverable Forklift: New Tier 4 Final Engine

Manitou’s TMT 55 Telescopic Truck-mounted forklift is now available with an engine that meets Tier 4 Final emission standards. The diesel engine is rated at 49 hp, avoiding the need for regeneration or separate aftertreatment systems. The TMT 55 has a maximum lift capacity of 5,500 lb and a maximum lift height of 11 ft, 3 in., with full lift capacity at the maximum lift height. The three-wheeled machine features a turning radius of only 8 ft, 8 in. A four-way steering option allows the TMT 55 to travel sideways or forward with 180° of freedom. The 4 ft, 10 in., of forward reach makes the machine well suited for loading and unloading from the side of a truck bed. Manitou Group;

Skid-Steer Vacuum Lift: Easy To Attach

The SS 2 Vacuum Lifting System fits a standard skid-steer loader. The 24-in. by 24-in. lifting pad has a lifting capacity of up to 2,716 lb. It can be used to carry a wide variety of construction materials, including steel plates, cut concrete slabs, stone slabs and landscape pavers. The vacuum pump is powered by the skid steer’s auxiliary hydraulic system, requiring a minimum flow of 10 gpm at 3,000 psi. The vacuum seal will hold until the operator releases it; in the case of a power failure, it will not unseal. The SS 2 system also can be used with some mini excavators and small cranes, if hydraulic power is adequate. Vacuworx;

Lowboy Trailer: Adjustable Hydraulic Gooseneck

The XL 80 Mini-Deck Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck Trailer has a loading height of only 1 ft, with 4 in. of ground clearance. The 48-ft lowboy trailer has a maximum capacity of 80,000 lb and a 11-ft-wide platform with a low-profile hydraulic neck. A built-in Honda 13-hp power unit can raise or lower the neck into one of five riding positions. A 36-in. flip-neck extension lets the trailer be used with four-axle trucks. The trailer’s three-beam design has a center box beam over the main deck, with 4-in. I-beams along the side rails. XL Specialized Trailers;

Remote-Control Dozer: Automatic Blade Control

Komatsu’s D155AXi-8 dozer is available with a remote-control option. The dozer features automatic blade control, which senses blade load and adjusts as needed. From heavy dozing to fi ne grading, the machine is ideal for situations in which unstable ground conditions or other environmental hazards would otherwise endanger an operator in the cab. The dozer has an electronically controlled transmission with a lockup torque converter, which automatically selects the optimal gear range for the task at hand. Komatsu America;