Paver: Handles Many Applications

The F1000 series of pavers can be equipped with either a center or an outboard auger-drive system, allowing it to work in many different paving applications. The center auger drive works well in highway and road construction with variable paving widths, while the outboard auger drive is well suited for wide roads on which mat quality is a priority.

Atlas Copco; 

Cordless Rotary Hammer: High Power

The RH328VC-36 Bulldog Cordless Rotary Hammer is able to deliver 2.4 ft-lb of impact energy. The tool weighs only 9.9 lb and runs off of a 36V, 4.0-amp-hour battery. The tool can handle 11⁄8-in. solid bits in concrete or 23⁄4-in. thin-wall core bits in brick,concrete block and ½-in. steel. A kickback protection system automatically will shut off the motor if it senses the bit beginning to bind up. Electronically controlled soft start delivers 70% of full power on startup, ideal for saving power when only a portion of concrete or masonry needs to be removed.

Bosch Group;

Roadway Mapping: Survey Surfaces at Full Speed

The SmoothRide system provides better surveying of existing roadways for resurfacing jobs. Mounted to a normal on-road vehicle, an RD-M1 scanner can collect 28,500 points per second of data while driving at usual highway speeds. Then, this point data can be processed through Topcon’s Mobile Master Office software to generate a 3D model of the finished paving mat. The software’s resurfacing module can make adjustments to cross slope, smoothness and minimum thickness. The resulting job file can be used by a paving or milling machine during resurfacing.

Topcon Positioning Systems;

Soil Compactor: Works With Optional 3D System

The 815K Soil Compactor has an operating weight of 49,353 lb and is powered by a 248-hp Cat C7.1 ACERT engine that meets Tier 4 Final emissions requirements. The compactor features the Cat Compaction Control system, which measures rolling resistance in the drum to estimate soil stiffness. The system’s data can be used with an optional 3D mapping option, showing the operator a color-coded, real-time graphical map of the areas that have been compacted. The soil compactor’s cab has been redesigned and now features a steering and transmission console that folds when the operator is entering or exiting the cab.