Concrete Testing: Redesigned Analyzer

The redesigned SPT Analyzer has new features for faster analysis of standard penetration tests in concrete. The analyzer’s main unit is able to process sensor information from the probe during setup, saving calibration time. The unit’s touchscreen interface supports multitouch gestures and has selectable color schemes for better visibility outdoors. Pile Dynamics;  

UPDATED PAVER: Auto-Adjustable Compaction

Caterpillar’s B-Series Tandem Vibratory Rollers include three models, ranging in operating weights from 12 to 14 metric tons. The rollers feature auto-adjustable compaction on both the front and rear drums. In seconds, this feature can adjust through the drum’s full range of amplitudes, reducing the chance of overcompaction or de-coupling. A screen in the operator’s station shows pass and temperature mapping. The Tier 4 Final engine features an automatic eco mode to save fuel. Caterpillar;

PIPE BEVELER: Single Operator Can Prep Large Pipe for Welding

The Terminator Millhog Pipe-Beveling Tool allows a single worker to perform welding-end prep work on large-diameter pipes. The tool can work on pipe from an 85⁄8-in. inner diameter up to a 36-in. outer diameter. The Terminator Millhog can bevel, face and bore simultaneously. During operation, the tool clamps to the inner wall of the pipe and has a tracker to compensate for variations in wall thickness. It comes with titanium-nitride-coated tool bits, which can be selected by the user to suit the job. A 5-hp motor is standard, with an optional hydraulic motor that does not require cutting fluids.
Esco Tool;

 Box Scraper: Folds for Over-the-Road Transport

K-Tec Land Levelers is designed to maintain haul roads, perform site leveling and improve drainage. The box scrapers are available in widths ranging from 10 ft to 28 ft. The units include mount points for GPS and laser packages for precision grading work. Standard features include a walking axle, a single simplistic tilt, a depth-level gauge and an LED light package. The box scrapers are available with either a rigid frame or flex-hitch design. The hitch pole can be folded back on the flex-hitch model, for a width of under 81⁄2 in. for over-the-road transportation. K-Tec; www.ktec.comn