Handheld Measuring
Handheld Measuring: Temperature and Airspeed
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Crane Monitoring
Crane Monitoring: Staying Informed

Mounted in a mobile crane, the iVISOR mentor QGVA load movement indicator shows the operator a graphic display of the crane with current load and geometric information. The display shows actual and allowable load, load radius and boom length and angle, all at a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels with auto-adjusting contrast. Hirschmann Automation and Control Inc.; 717-217-2200; www.hirschmann-usa.com

he AS-202A model Articulating Thermal Anemometer and Air Velocity Probe measures and logs airspeed, temperature and volume flow when connected to any Windows Mobile PDA or Windows computer. With a sensitivity range of 0 to 6,000 ft/min, the probe features a telescoping shaft that extends from 21 in. to 37 in., with a 6-in. articulated tip that can bend at 90 and 45 degrees for greater access to tight spaces. An optional 186-in. telescopic extension rod can be attached. The included WolfSense software can log detailed reports with text and audio notes, as well as provide onscreen instructions to the user. Add-on software for duct-traverse and fume-hood face velocity measurements is also available.