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he new Circadian light-emitting diode (LED) series, featuring nightlights and chart/reading lights (far right), offers an energy-efficient, low-glare solution for aiding nighttime navigation. Available with long-lasting white, red or amber LEDs, the lights bring soft, low-level illumination to areas without disturbing sleep. The Meditrine series (above) is an architectural low-profile wall-mounted patient room luminaire. The bed light provides optimal reading and ambient light, and uses minimal wall space. he new Linearlight Multi Flex LED modules are ideal for edge lighting transparent and diffuse materials and provide an optimal solution for precise backlighting of complex contours. The modules have a service life of 50,000 hours and provide an alternative choice for linear applications such as cove lighting, refrigeration cases and pathway marking. he Corral family of luminaires includes an architecturally designed light column and bollard. Both fixtures feature protective die-cast aluminum rings integrated around an impact-resistant diffuser. The fixtures feature vandal-resistant fasteners, various height options and a choice of one, two, three or four 32-Watt fluorescent lamps. The light fixtures are ideal for high-traffic pedestrian locations, such as schoolyards, hospitals, stadiums, parks and pedestrian malls. he new Port-A-Lite 1250W2 metal halide light stand provides portable, high-intensity lighting for a variety of applications. The durable light stand has an exclusive, super-high-output (SHO) fixture, the most efficient fixture available for high-intensity-discharge metal-halide lamps, the manufacturer says. The PAL 1250W2 light system utilizes one 1,250-Watt lamp fixture, which is 25% brighter than the model it replaces. Other features include a smooth, rounded two-wheel base and a telescoping tower that extends to a height of 10 ft. A sturdy, welded-steel frame combined with heavy-duty ball-bearing wheels increase the unit’s durability. Worldwide and domestic voltages are available for the units. he new LED ChannelBrite lighting system uses white LEDs to brighten up the interiors of cargo trailers. With light offered in 2 ft, 4 ft or 8 ft lengths, the 2-in. wide aluminum channel is offered in a variety of colors to match the design of the trailer. Virtually invisible when not in use, the weatherproof ChannelBrite strip secures easily to the trailer and has very low power consumption. he NuTech Composite Recessed CFL Downlights are made from 100% high-impact, corrosion-resistant material that interlocks into a sturdy single unit. The light head has a series of patented composite, twist-on/twist-off decorative trims, available in 6 in. apertures that mount flush with ceiling openings, eliminating unsightly drooping trims and light loss. The light body houses a choice of either one or two CFL socket holders, supporting one or two dual- or triple-lamps in a range of wattages. iniBounce is a pole- and surface- mounted lantern-style indirect/direct landscape luminaire characterized by a ribbed, die-cast aluminum-fixture envelope that allows heat to dissipate easily. It employs a high-efficiency internal spectral metal reflector for accurate illumination, and its broad top hood ensures that maximum illumination is reflected downward. he Edge line of LED luminaries for general outdoor illumination will be available from Beta Lighting starting this June. The line, which is manufactured completely in the U.S., includes area, canopy, parking-structure, bollard and wall-pack fixtures. The design of the direct-contact refractor optics, called the NanoOptic system, results in a fixture efficiency of over 85%, a number beyond the typical 70 to 75% efficiency of an HID fixture. At 50,000 hours, the Edge delivers an average lumens per Watt output that surpasses metal halide by more than 40%.There is a five-year warranty on the LEDs and 10 years on the finish. angent, the smallest profile line voltage track lighting system available, combines extruded aluminum and clear polycarbonate into a low-profile track system that can be installed in a variety of configurations. Ideal for commercial, retail and residential applications, it can be used in straight-run arrangements or bent into architectural curves. The “side-by-side” busbar design allows the track to be surface mounted flush to ceilings and walls for unobtrusive installation. It is available in three track styles, surface mounted for the smallest profile, and suspended in both a solid I-Beam or a perforated truss. he new patent-pending Tetra PowerGrid LED Lighting System simplifies and accelerates the installation of energy-efficient, high-brightness LEDs in large-scale back lighting applications such as cabinet and box signs. Lasting up to 50,000 hours, the system features the industry’s first easy-to-handle interlinking modules, and delivers four times the rated light of a standard T12 HO fluorescent system. hilips’ new Low Bay LED Luminaires are designed for applications where widely distributed, glare-free, white light is required. The Luminaires’ clean design and optics provide excellent visibility and improve safety while reducing energy use by up to 50%. LEDS in the fixture have an average life of 50,000 hours, more than twice the life of the metal halide lamps commonly used in Low Bay applications. The fixtures can be used in factories, production facilities, parking garages, warehouses and hangars. he Dual Room miniZ (below), an addition to the miniZ Intelligent Daylight Management System, combines occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting and flexible lighting control functionality in a single, compact package that provides control functionality for two individual rooms. The OSSMT-MD Multi-Technology Wall Switch Occupancy Sensor (right) combines infrared and ultrasonic technology for highly accurate occupancy detection with minimal false triggering. he eW Cove Powercore (top right) is a compact linear fixture that delivers five times the efficiency of common incandescent click-strip lighting. Unlike most white LED light fixtures, the product is capable of very smooth dimming via standard line voltage dimmers. ColorBlast 12 Powercore (bottom left) offers the versatile aesthetics, ease-of-control and compact nature of ColorBlast 12 in a complete line voltage system that integrates power and data management directly within the fixture. iColor Accent Powercore (top left) is ideally suited for creating seamless columns of color and color-changing effects, yet it breaks new ground with control resolution down to 1.2 in. increments. iretto (right) is a cast aluminum, post-top light fixture with dual stainless steel struts. It provides lighting along exterior areas of buildings and pathways, and is suited for mixed-use retail, commercial and educational environments. The new Venere Series of wall sconces (left) features egress illumination, an integral secondary source for use during power failures. Each Venere design is available in up to six optical configurations.