Milling Machines: From Small to Large
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Submersible Pump: Handles Trash, Debris
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All-Terrain Crane: Modernized Cab
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Crawler Crane: Telescoping Boom
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Off-Road Trucks: New Center Cab
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avement contractors now have more milling options with this manufacturer's new line starting with the light-duty MW-500 and the larger MT-2000 (shown). Four more sizes are planned with milling widths up to 14 ft. The smallest model, MW-500, built in Germany, has a cutting width of about 20 in. and depth of 8.25 in. The U.S.-built midsize MT-2000 can cut across a half lane and chew up as much as 1,330 cu yd per hour. Its quad-track carrier has circle, front, rear, coordinated and crab steer modes. mall stones and other debris are easy work for the new LTP-3 submersible trash pump, which offers a discharge capacity of 506 gallons per minute. The 3-in.-dia hydraulically driven pump handles up to 2.5-in.-wide materials and easily moves large volumes of water, claims its maker. The unit weighs 28 lb and comes with a 33-ft-long discharge hose. he 115-ton-capacity GMK4115 is the first new mobile crane to feature an ergonomic cab that soon will appear across the company line. The four-axle all-terrain crane comes with a 171-ft-long, six-section boom built with weight-saving locking-pin action. An optional bi-fold jib and structural inserts add up to 72 ft of length. An optional seven-section, 197-ft boom is available. Total tip height can reach 269 ft. A 396-hp Mercedes diesel engine powers the chassis, while a 148-hp Mercedes runs the superstructure. odel TCC-450 is built to walk across soggy jobsites that most other cranes can't touch. The crawler crane with a four-section telescoping boom can pick as much as 45 tons. A quiet, 197-hp clean-diesel Isuzu powers the rig, whose reach extends up to 105 ft on the main boom. It is the manufacturer's first crane to feature a wireless load indicator as standard equipment. he new 40-ton 770F and 50-ton 772F construction trucks are designed to help contractors move large amounts of earth or other materials efficiently. Models replace the discontinued 40-ton 769D and 45-ton 771D and feature a new center-mounted cab that offers 52% more glass visibility and 8% more operator room overall, the manufacturer says. A clean-diesel 476-hp C15 engine powers the 770, and a 535-hp C18 moves the 772. The trucks have a 500-hour service interval. Rearview safety cameras and heated mirrors are available, as well as five different bed liners.