Hammer Drill: Lightweight Battery
THilti Inc.; 800-879-8000; www.us.hilti.com

Vertical Lift: Inside Turning Radius of 5 in.
TJLG Industries Inc.; 240-420-8724;www.jlg.com

he TE 6-A Li rotary hammer drill offers users the same 36-volt power as the TE 6-A, but in a cordless convenience package. It uses lithium-ion batteries that weigh nearly half that of nickel cadmium batteries of the same capacity, making drilling in overhead applications such as concrete, stone, masonry, wood, plastic and steel more easier due to its light weight and mobility, the manufacturer says. The TE 6-A Li provides full battery power. It can charge up to 75 % capacity in only 20 minutes. he new 1230ES elevating mast platform, an addition to the manufacturer's Pro-Fit electric powered aerial work platform line, will be available in the second quarter of 2007. The 1,740-lb model will have a 12-ft platform height, a 500-lb platform capacity and stows to 30-in. wide by 651/4-in. high. It will also feature energy saving electric motors on the front wheels and have fully proportional lift and drive using a single joystick.