Humidity Assessor/Digital Hammer: Two New Products

James Instruments Inc., 800-426-6500;

Hybrid Truck: For Municipal, Utility Applications
TKenworth Truck Co.; 425-828-5000;

Mud Ring: Accommodates Any Drywall Thickness
T Thomas & Betts Corp.; 901-252-5000;

Backhoe Loaders: Total Machine Control
T John Deere Construction & Forestry; 800-503-3373;

Capital Safety: Radio Tag System
C Capital Safety; 651-388-8282;

ames Instrument Humitest System measures bore hole humidity in hardened concrete, according to the manufacturer. The product allows the concrete practitioner to monitor and ensure that a new structure is dry enough to start the next phase of construction. This is especially critical for concrete structures requiring a coating, carpeting or similar floor or covering treatment. The James D-W-2000 digital test hammers are an automated system for estimating concrete compressive strength. Its calculation, memory and recording functions allow for quick, easy and accurate test results. The unit comes with an integrated alphanumeric digital display and control panel. he Kenworth T270 Class 6 hybrid-electric truck is powered by the new Paccar PX-6 engine and features an integral transmission-mounted motor/generator, a frame-mounted 340-Volt battery pack, and a dedicated power management system. It operates like a standard diesel vehicle with all power coming from the engine during steady driving conditions above 30 mph, and uses a combination of diesel and electricity below 30 mph. The goal of the truck is to improve fuel economy by 30% in start-and-stop applications, maker says. he new Steel City Adjustable Mud Ring ensures that stud-mounted outlet boxes will fit flush with any thickness of finished drywall, plaster or ceramic tile. Mountable to 4-in.-square metallic deep outlet boxes, it features an inner ring that adjusts from 1/2 in. to 1 1/2 in. to accommodate drywall thicknesses. Two adjustment screws enable the inner ring to be set at the anticipated depth prior to installation and be easily adjusted after installation he John Deere J-Series Backhoe Loaders—the 310J, 310SJ, 410J and 710J—provide all-new power train components and numerous structural and electrical enhancements. The 310SJ (shown here) and the 410J also offer a Total Machine Control (TMC) option, which provides the best features of an excavator and a 4WD loader built into one machine. A tool carrier option for the loader end will be available for the loaders with the TMC option. apital Safety has developed an easy way to track fall-protection gear with its new "i-Safe" radio tag system. Made from the same rugged tags that farmers use to track livestock, the poker chip-sized buttons come sewn inside all new DBI-SALA harnesses starting this year at no extra cost. Tags also can be retrofitted onto older pieces of fall protection gear, including off-brand harnesses. Users will need to buy a special PDA costing $700 to scan and track the tags. One scanned, users can manage their fall-protection assets at a secured Internet-based portal at no extra cost. The tags, which require no batteries, can also help users prevent theft, document safety inspections and manage regulatory compliance.