Upgraded Nail Technology
Withstands Destructive Forces
The new HurriQuake nail is the next generation design of a previous hurricane/earthquake nail called Sheather Plus. This enhanced nail design provides added security when storms threaten a structure. Two independent laboratory tests have concluded that the new HurriQuake nail can withstand uplift forces of over 271 lb/sq ft (depending on nail pattern and shank diameter) against hurricane and earthquake conditions. Enhancements include a stiffer plastic collation formula that breaks away more effectively as the nail is driven as well as a high-tech nail design with a 30% larger head that produces a dramatic increase in holding power. Bostitch; 800/556-6696; www.BOSTITCH.com

Barrier Lift
Optional Self-Aligning Guides
?This newly designed barrier lift is now available with self-aligning guides. The guides extend down from one set of the pads to allow the lifter to align itself with the barrier wall whenever the lifter is lowered into position. This optional feature can also be purchased separately to attach to earlier company models. The barrier lift provides a five to one grip ratio on the barrier. It also has a unique automatic actuator that allows for hands-free barrier placement. Kenco Corp.; 800/653-6069; www.kenco.com

Knurled Tire Rims
The RT1250, a 120-hp trencher/plow, has the highest horsepower in its class, according to the manufacturer. It can be used for various trenching applications–from rural water line installations to utility installations along railroads. It has the capability of trenching depths to 72 in. and widths up to 18 in. The machine also features an improved drive system for its rock wheel attachment, and knurled tire rims for enhanced wheel traction. The operator’s station rotates 90? allowing the operator to select unlimited positions. Vermeer Manufacturing Co.; 888/837-6337; www.vermeer.com Co.; 888/837-6337; www.vermeer.com

Separate Placing Boo
Can Be Mounted in Many Different Configurations
The new Generation II 39-meter placing boom is designed with less weight than many shorter booms and split boom components at 13,500 lb. It reaches to 114-ft horizontally and 96-ft deep in separate placing boom configuration. The light weight is made possible by separating the hydraulic reservoir and power pack from the boom, resulting in a four-section detachable boom that can be mounted on a three-axle truck. Also, the quick detach allows the boom to be easily craned to a remote location and supplied by the truck-mounted pump at ground level. Schwing America Inc.; 888/724-9464; www.schwing.com

New 240 Earth Auger
Four-Stroke Engine
The new 240 has been added to the manufacturer’s line of portable hole digging equipment for use in light construction and other digging applications. The 240 features the industry’s first use of four-stroke engine technology on a one-man, handheld hole-digging product, the manufacturer says. Power for the hole digger is supplied by a 1.6-hp Subaru Robin EH035 four-stroke gasoline engine, which complies with all applicable emission control regulations. Also, a Magura twist grip throttle controls the engine speed for optimal power output. Using a highly efficient spur gear transmission, the tool produces a maximum drilling torque of 55-ft lb for improved digging performance. General Equipment Co.; 800/533-0524; www.generalequip.com


10-Ton Dirt Roller
Dual Speeds
A ride-on 66-in. vibratory dirt roller joins the company’s 43-in. and 54-in. models. The new Rhino 66-in. roller is equipped with a 108-hp Perkins water-cooled diesel engine and a high-quality, reliable ZF no-spin differential axle and heavy-duty Eaton hydraulic components. It offers dual amplitude with a choice of high or low compaction forces, up to 28,249 lb, for optimum compaction on any soil. Stone Construction Equipment Inc.; 585/229-5141; www.stone-equip.com

Ratcheting Screwdrivers
Built-In Tape Measure
Two new products—a magnetic ratcheting screwdriver with built in tape measure (model 92016) and an extended magnetic ratcheting screwdriver (model 92017)—are suitable for multiple jobs and projects. One model, the 92016, has a 39-in. built-in tape measure and a 1⁄4-in. magnetic driver. Great Neck Saw Manufacturers; 800/457-0600; www.greatnecksaw.com

Tie-Back Shock Absorbing Lanyard
New Hook Design ?
WrapBox 2 is a new shock absorbing lanyard specifically designed for tie-back use. It eliminates the need for time-consuming anchor straps, the maker says. The WrapBox 2 can be operated with the use of only one hand. It is lightweight and incorporates an angled head on the hook for easy installation onto webbing. The new WrapBox 2 hook provides 5,000-lb gate protection and offers a unique look so it is easily differentiated from standard hooks. DBI-SALA and PROTECTA; 800/328-6146; www.dbisala.com

Work Platform
Vertical Access
The HEK MSHF mast climbing work platform offers safe and reliable solutions to vertical access needs. It is suitable for facades, towers and structures where anchoring is not an option. The platform has the ability to free stand 66 ft outside or 99 ft inside the mobile chassis that can be moved with the mast in position. For added versatility, the HEK MSHF can be used for heights up to 660 ft in single or twin mast configuration with anchors at 50 ft intervals. The payload capacity is up to 8,800 lb. Alimak Hek Inc.; 203/367-7400; www.alimak.com

Hot-Pour Sealant
Joints and Cracks
HI-SPEC polymeric hot-applied sealant is a premium-quality, single-component joint sealing compound recommended for large-scale sealing of joints and cracks in portland cement and asphalt concrete pavements. The product is formulated with a carefully balanced blend of 100% virgin polymer, asphalt plasticizers and inert, reinforcing fillers, to produce a hot-pour joint sealant with good bonding properties and is resistant to degradation from weathering. W.R. Meadows Inc.; 847/214-2100; www.wrmeadows.com