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Manufacturer "rolls" out a new 84-in.-wide compaction machine with tandem vibratory drums. The BW284’s power plant is a 185-hp Cummins diesel that makes the machine quieter and more fuel-efficient than earlier models. An operating weight of 28,425 lb is 7% heavier than the maker’s previous versions. The roller delivers up to 4,000 vibrations per minute at a top speed of 4.5 mph. An articulating center joint allows �12 degrees of side oscillation. Earthmoving equipment producer has two new hydraulic excavators at the low-capacity end of its diverse, 30-unit lineup. With outputs of 94 hp and operating weights between 24,690 lb and 26,230 lb, the R110-7 and R110D-7 feature up to three different hydraulic working modes, including one custom "memory" mode. Both have onboard LCD diagnostics and digging depths down to 16'8". Track widths range from 8'2" to 8'6". New B-Series shears improve upon equipment manufacturer’s previous offering of hydraulic excavator work tools. Designed specifically for demolition work, the S365B and S385B shears can be boom or stick mounted on several different models of hydraulic excavators. The shears’ alloy construction is stronger than T1-type steel, the manufacturer claims. Knife edges bolt on through threaded holes and slotted shims for easy service. Head rotation of 360° complements jaw openings from 33.3 in. to 35.4 in. A popular concept in Europe but one of the first to reach North America, the new WS-2500 is the first tow-behind soil stabilizer in an equipment company’s existing self-propelled line. Retailing at $100,000–about one-third the cost of comparable self-propelled units, the new machine needs a prime mover with an engine output of at least 241 hp to drive the mechanical rotor. Hooked to a three-point hitch, the work tool delivers 6.6-ft or 8-ft cutter widths and can cut down to 20-in. deep in one pass. The rotor spins on dual belts driven from a power takeoff. Operating weight is 8,818 lb. Two new single-gas detectors monitor ambient air and alert workers to harmful levels of carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide or low oxygen. The new Pac 3000 and Pac 5000 are lightweight, compact and require no maintenance or calibration for two years, the manufacturer claims. A data logger on the Pac 5000 can record up to 60 events.