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The totally redesigned BW161AD-4 tandem vibratory roller with slanted drum support legs offers a clear view of the drum edges, eliminating the need for operators to lean out of the cockpit during operation. The design of the front and rear frames allows for an unrestricted view of both the drums and sprinkler system. The 131-hp unit is designed to handle a variety of lift thicknesses and applications ranging from granular bases to Superpave. Series 600E, one of two new boom truck lines, is being made available in five models, each offering a different boom and jib combination. Capacity is set at 20 tons and the boom extends to a maximum of 90 ft. Maximum vertical reach with jib increases to 140 ft. The new models also are equipped with the manufacturer’s advanced variable displacement hydraulic system, which provides flow on demand to optimize performance and deliver power when and where it is needed. The new Street Pro Series walk-behind saws are available in three models—the SP1 Push, SP2 Push and SP2 Self-Propelled. These compact units can be used for cutting concrete or asphalt. The Street Pro Series features rugged roller-bearing wheels, an easy crank for raising and lowering cutting depth, a saw position guide for straight cuts as well as a hinged front, lift-up blade guard for easy blade replacement. The SP2 saws are larger and more powerful. They have a standard 20-in. blade guard (gasoline push and self-propelled models) and 16-in. blade guard (electric push model). A 20-hp Honda engine and 7.5-hp electric motor respectively, power the saws. The new Red Wave insulation blankets are designed for use with hydronic ground thawing and concrete curing applications. Made of a thin, highly effective high-tech polymer/aluminum laminate, the blankets are reflective to better direct heat downward, while the conductive material transmits heat laterally.