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Roadranger Marketing; 800/826-4357; Weather Guard Vehicle Solutions software is the first tool of its type in the contractor-vehicle outfitting industry, the manufacturer says. It allows users to custom-design work vans with shelving, cabinets, racks and accessories. The 3-D software produces simple-to-use interactive graphics to help the user visualize the custom design prior to purchase. Once the van design is finalized, the design drawing and corresponding list of materials can be printed and saved. A Web-based version is also available. This video-based training program focuses on OSHA-regulated safety measures and best practices related to excavation-site work. It demonstrates safe trenching and shoring techniques through real-life examples. The DVD includes a main menu and chapter selections, as well as commentary from industry professionals. It also features an interactive quiz with narrated graphic and video remediation. A new brochure with easy-to-read grids, testimonials and informative product details introduces the manufacturer�s Wobble Light work light. The brochure refers to the product as a bright, durable and virtually indestructible lighting unit that can take a severe beating from workers, vehicles, debris and drops. A guide on the back cover of the literature helps the user choose the right Wobble Light for applications, ranging from construction, civil engineering and industrial environments to agriculture and fire and rescue. Model 2200, a compact 4 x 4 utility vehicle is the subject of this two-page product sheet. It features the Intellitrak system, making this the only vehicle in its class equipped with automatic locking differentials that engage immediately when a wheel loses traction, says the manufacturer. The literature provides specifications on the machine’s fuel types, engine, cargo bed and machine capacities. It also gives a brief description of the vehicle’s tubular aluminum frame and highlights other value-added standard features, including a four-point roll-over protective structure, retractable seat belts and a 2-in. rear receiver hitch. A four-disk CD set includes more than 400 Dana and Eaton product service documents, providing customers with a comprehensive Roadranger product library. The CD set enables maintenance professionals, fleet managers and individuals to skip the time-consuming and costly tasks often associated with locating, ordering and purchasing service documentation from Roadranger. Components and systems featured on the CDs include axles, brakes, clutches, driveshafts, trailer suspensions, tire management products and more.