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Diesel Engines: 40% Fewer Components The new NEF series of diesel engines offers a range of 3, 4 and 6-cylinder models that can be specified for any industrial, agricultural, marine and power generation application. Access is available to every part of the engine, reducing maintenance time, the maker says. The NEF series also boasts noise emission reduction, with a noise level below 91dB(A), and meets EPA and CARB regulations. Designed for deep-pit mining operations, the new 2,700-hp, 938E-3 AC electric-drive truck offers 320-ton capacity and speeds up to 40 mph. It can climb at altitudes up to 12,000 ft without any fuel deration. Other features include a motorized wheel design with a 24,000-hour targeted MTBO transmission and a hydraulically activated, oil-cooled, multiple-disc braking system. Manufacturer develops a high-speed, heavy-load rack-and-pinion transfer system for large trucks and equipment trailers. The Rock & Roll transfer system uses a rack-and-pinion system as opposed to the traditional hydraulic, air or electric systems. The power system is located under the truck body and is powered by the truck’s hydraulic wet kit. The hydraulic motor located on the truck will pull anything that can be fitted with a Rock & Roll transfer carriage into the truck body. Weather Guard Equipment’s heavy-duty, anodized aluminum truck racks are available in two models for full-size and compact pickups. The ATR model 1200 (full size) and 1205 (compact) truck racks mount to the top of a bed rail to store ladders and other materials. The racks are constructed of high-strength, lightweight, extruded aluminum and are fully anodized to resist oxidation. The ATR’s load rating capacity is 800 lb. Both the front and rear mounting rails have easy-to-install compression clamps to secure the rack to the top of the truck bed. A new custom-fit Class IV hitch is available for the 2004 Ford F-150 pickup truck. It helps expand the unit into a multi-purpose, heavy-towing vehicle. The receiver-style hitch (part #82710) bolts to the bottom of the F-150"s frame with minimal drilling�with only three holes per side required. The all-steel hitch has a standard 2-in. receiver and is rated for 6,000-lb weight-carrying and 10,000- lb weight-distributing loads. The hitch is powdercoated with polyester black paint for weather and rust resistance. Two models in the 1100 Series ElectropaK engine product line are introduced to the North American market. Models 1104C-44TAG1 and 1104C-44TAG2 are four-cylinder turbocharged and air-to-air inter-cooled units. All models in the 1100 Series have been engineered with a redesign of the cylinder block to create an advanced open-to-deck structure that reduces transmitted noise. Manufacturer of fenders and mud flaps for the trucking industry adds under-body toolboxes to its product line. The Minimizer toolboxes are made from high-density polyethylene. They come with either top or front opening doors that have both key and padlock locking systems in the handle. Mounting brackets will bolt onto nearly any frame in about 10 minutes, according to the maker. The Sentinel is part of the StreetMaster Series outdoor sweepers that allows operators to manage functions from inside the cab. The touch of one button selects the sweeping mode. A center-suspended floating main broom automatically adjusts to road surface variations. With a 13-ft turning radius and four-wheel power steering, the Sentinel can easily maneuver around obstacles and in heavy traffic. The sweeper also features a 9-ft, 6-in. multi-level dump and stainless-steel hopper. A new 83-hp Caterpillar 3054C diesel engine meets global standards for Tier II emissions and gives off less smoke. The IMT DSC20, a specially designed crane body rated for up to 20,000 ft lb, is engineered for small to mid-size equipment maintenance and lifting applications. The DSC20 crane body is available in a 9 or 11-ft model and is suitable for a minimum 10,500-gvwt chassis. It can utilize the IMT 2020 telescopic crane. The crane body is equipped with a door/hinge system that eliminates potential rust problems and prevents tampering. The outside of the door panel will fit flush to the body with a uniform gap around the door. It also features a 14-in.-deep rear bumper and outrigger system that is integrated into the crane body. The Vanguard V-Twin Big Block engines are the industry’s first 25 to 35-hp range of air- and liquid-cooled models to be introduced to the commercial market, says the company. The 25, 27, 29, 31, 33 and 35-hp units feature an advanced debris management system that is incorporated into the engine’s air-cooling system and allows the engines to run cooler and cleaner. An innovative intake and exhaust system has a large-column muffler that is tuned to provide a quieter running engine.