Articulated Dump Trucks: Multiple Upgrades
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GPS for Paving: Millimeter Precision
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Robotic Total Station: All-In-One Layout
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Demolition Boom: Long Arm of the Claw
Case Construction; 262/994-5084; John Deere's 250D, 300D, 350D and 400D models of articulated dump trucks now include Tier 3 EPA emissions compliant transmissions and engines, with an overall improved fuel economy. The Millimeter GPS technology is now available to the paving industry, with the first three-dimensional GPS+ control system for pavers, profilers and trimmers. The system's laser transmitter sweeps a 2,000-ft-dia area with a 33-ft-high wall of laser light. A compact sensor mounted on a mast reads the laser signal, resulting in millimeter-precise vertical data. When combined with any Topcon RTK GPS rover unit, the device can take similarly precise vertical readings anywhere on the project. The new SPS710 and SPS610 Robotic Total Stations for onsite layout and measurement are designed with contractors in mind. The station's interface allows a single user to perform the necessary layout tasks at a jobsite and improve productivity. The SPS710 model is intended for more robust applications, while the SPS610 is geared toward smaller projects. The Nu-Air Tyre is an all-terrain, semi-pneumatic tire for skid steers and backhoes. Unlike a traditional pneumatic tire, the Nu-Air has holes regularly placed throughout the sidewall that allow for greater shock absorbtion and reduce the downtime caused by punctures and flats. The tire is made with one-third more rubber than a standard tire, increasing the tread depth and traction. The Nu-Air Tyre comes in a variety of tire and custom rim sizes, and works with over-the-tire tracks. The new CX330HRD crawler excavator features a high-reach, three-piece demolition boom and dipper arm with a maximum working height of 20.5 m, a maximum reach of 11.15 m, with no need for additional counterweight. An optional digging boom and dipper arm for work on lower floors may also be attached to the boom's first section.