Single-Bar Reinforcement Positioning
The UniSpacer guide and alignment system is used for single-bar reinforcement positioning for auger-cast piles, mini-piles, micro-piles, soil anchors, tiebacks and other geotechnical construction jobs. The product readily stacks for shipping, saving room on the jobsite. UniSpacer centralizers are strong and durable, providing a guide system for placement of single bars into structural foundation shafts. They also help ensure that bar reinforcement is properly spaced and aligned within the confines of the shaft or pile structure. Foundation Technologies Inc.; 800/773-2368;

Reinforcement System
For Existing Structures
Seistec, a reinforcing anchor system, can be used for retrofit seismic upgrading or seismic repair of structures made of brick, stone, terra cotta, adobe or even timber. The system internally strengthens the integrity of wall-to-wall, wall-to-roof and wall-to-floor connections while preserving the original architecture, the company says. The anchor system features a steel bar enclosed in a mesh fabric sleeve, which is inserted into the structure in need of reinforcement. Cintec America Inc.; 800/363-6066;

Strengthening Systems
Structural Repairs
A line of strengthening products is available for use in the construction, repair and upgrade of buildings, bridges, parking garages and special structures. The line features products such as VWrapTM carbon- and glass-fiber reinforced polymer sheets, VBar CTM FRP rods, VPlate TM FRP plates, Hardwire steel- reinforced polymer and Hardwire steel-reinforced cement systems, internal and external VSL Monostrand and Multistrand post-tensioning systems and other strengthening systems and services. VSL; 888/875-2299;

Adhesive Anchoring
Seismic Upgrade and More
Company introduces the new Anchor Fix product line, which includes four injection cartridge systems. These pre-packaged adhesives are suitable for applications such as seismic upgrades, heavy-duty attachments, doweling and pick-proof sealing. AnchorFix 1, 2, 3 and 4 offer high bond strengths and come in 10 and 20-ounce single cartridges and 22 and 55-ounce side-by-side cartridges. Sika Corp.; 201/933-8800; www.sika-