Welding/Cutting Equipment

This 2003 product catalog highlights the manufacturer’s complete line of equipment including power sources, plasma cutters, robotics and consumables. Brochure E1.10 has a simple-to-follow reference guide, and is color-coded by product category. It includes a power source selection guide at the front of the catalog that shows each machine’s capabilities at a glance and allows for comparison. The brochure also includes photos and gives a brief description of each product. The Lincoln Electric Co.; 888/355-3213: www.lincolnelectric.com

Work Lights
Nighttime Outdoor/Indoor Use
A four-page brochure introduces the company’s expanded line of Luma-Site halogen lighting products for nighttime outdoor or indoor construction. Six new work lights ranging from basic models with standard options to enhanced models with many professional-grade features are presented. The work lights are separated in two distinct product groups: Floodlight Series and Premium Series. A description of each unit, along with photos and catalog numbers, are featured as well. Coleman Cable Inc.; 800/323-9355; www.colemancable.com

Paperback Guide
In Spanish
Company has printed its popular Gypsum Construction Handbook in Spanish for the first time. Called Manual de Construccion con Yeso, this 8 1/2 x 51/4 -in. format guide offers a wide range of information and user features, including separate chapters on drywall finishing, veneer plaster and more. United States Gypsum; 312/606-4523; www.usg.com

Concrete Repair
The new AnchorFix product line is featured in this six-page, fold-out brochure. It includes a description of AnchorFix-1, 2, 3 and 4-product applications, installation guidelines, technical data and a brief history of the manufacturer’s epoxies in the U.S. The reader also will find some benefits and features for AnchorFix-1 and 2, along with special instructions for opening the cartridges. Sika Corp; 201/933-8800; www.sikausa.com

Protective Workwear
Manufacturer introduces an 11-page brochure that outlines and depicts its new line of FR protective clothing for the electric utility, chemical and petroleum markets. The brochure provides information including garment construction and features, benefits, sizing and ATPV ratings. Some of the flame-resistant workwear featured in the booklet are U.S.A.-union made bomber jackets, constructed with 13-ounce INDURA Ultra Soft brown duck fabric; denim jeans, styled with leg openings to fit over work boots; button-down shirts and more. Carhartt: 800/786-3916; www.carhartt.com