Material Lifting System
Converts to Personnel Use
The Max Climber 2000 rack-and-pinion lifting system provides an easier and safer method to lift general building materials, says the manufacturer. It features 5-ft, 95-lb galvanized mast sections and a basket size of 57 in. x 52 in. The basket can be customized to fit the customer’s size requirements. To ensure safety, the Max Climber 2000 is equipped with emergency upper and lower limit devices and a separate emergency overspeed brake to prevent free-falling. The system easily converts between material and personnel and may also be field upgraded for passenger use. Beta Max Inc.; 800/233-5112;

Anchorage Connectors
The Miller Grip anchorage connectors are green, color-coded and offer portable, reusable anchor points for use in both fall protection and non-fall protection applications. They provide safe anchor points once inserted into a properly sized, cured concrete hole. The fall protection anchorage connector series includes a temporary horizontal lifeline kit and accommodates two workers. Miller, a division of Bacou-Dalloz Group; 800/873-5242;

Protective Eyewear Series
Enhances Visual Contrast
New Protective Eyewear Series 1723 features amber-tinted lenses to help enhance visual contrast and meets ANSI Z87.1-1989 requirements. According to the manufacturer, the 1723 eyewear series provides a comfortable fit and conforms to the face to help provide enhanced eye protection. The vinyl nose cushion, adjustable temples and nonslip rubber head grip also help provide improved comfort, compliance and acceptance and increased wear time. 3M Occupational Health & Environmental Safety; 800/328-1667;

Work Light
For Temporary, Portable Jobs
Manufacturer introduces H.I.D. work light. Its patent-pending design features a 250-watt metal halide lamp for powerful daylight quality illumination. The dual-light system with "Smart Control" includes a supplementary 150-watt halogen lamp. The work light provides four times the lumens-per-watt of ordinary 1,000-watt halogen units, the maker claims. It is best suited for jobs ranging from construction to heightened security in commercial and residential applications. It comes in various models with optional heavy-duty casters. Briteland Industries Corp.; 888/358-1900;

Warning Device
Worn on Belt
The micro Pac Plus Oxygen Monitor is a gas measuring and warning device designed to detect oxygen in the 0 to 25% volume range. It has a fully functional LCD concen-tration display with audible, visual and vibrating alarms. MicroPac Plus is suitable for workers in chemical, petrochemical, steel, construction and other industries who require a warning of the presence of hazardous gas concentrations. The monitor can be worn on the lapel, shirt pocket or belt. Draeger Safety Inc.; 412/787-8383;

Safety Enclosures
Protect Workers
Designed to provide safe access to vehicles ranging from small, single-hatch tank trucks to full-size hopper cars, the TCEN and TCEN II SAF-T enclosures feature standard 42-in.-high handrails, integral top rail, mid rail and toeboard to protect workers from inward and outward falls. The TCEN enclosure can be manufactured in lengths up to 60 in. and includes inboard expanded metal safety screens to fill the gap between the platform and vehicle. The TCEN II has a slip-resistant 19-in. inboard platform the full length of the enclosure. Carbis Inc.; 800/845-2387;

Safety Treads and Nosing
Glow in the Dark
Safety Glow Maxxi tread has been added to the company’s line of treads and nosings. It features the maker's current Maxxi Tread design but adds embedded photoluminescent stripes that will glow in the dark during an emergency. The stair treads are charged under normal interior lighting conditions. When the lights go out, this material releases stored light energy to provide the occupant with a clear path down stairwells. Also, new Safety Glow visual safety nosings is for building designs that have carpeted or tiled stairs with a 1�4-in. lip. BurkeMercer Flooring Co.; 800/ 447-8442;


Fall Protection
Manufacturer releases a new CD that offers comprehensive fall protection solutions for the material handling industry. It gives an interactive tour of in-depth information, detailed schematics and animated demonstrations of all the industrial netting products and services designed for fall protection systems. Sinco; 800/243-6753;

Spill Containment at Rail Sidings
Ultra-TrackPans provide spill containment at rail sidings, locomotive washracks and fueling operations. Modular units can be connected to any length desired, according to the provider. The trackpans feature rugged, all-polyethylene construction. They have a slip-resistant grating that offers a safe work platform, eliminates trip hazards and elevates workers above any spills or residue. Its unique flow-through design allows spills to travel from one track pan to the next. UltraTech International Inc.; 800/353-1611;

Construction and Utility
Safety Issues
A wide variety of construction and utility safety and compliance issues includ-ing work zone safety, fall protection, fleet safety and forklift safety are covered in this 36-page catalog. The catalog’s product selection ranges from compliance manuals to training kits to supplies. New products can also be found throughout the catalog. Additional Spanish-language supplies are also offered. Keller & Associates Inc.; 800/531-8899;