High Boom Design
Model G9-43A telehandler offers a 9,000-lb capacity, a 43-ft maximum lift height and a 30-ft reach with the operator's choice of all-wheel, front-wheel or crab steering. The machine's backbone frame is offset slightly to the operator cab side, bringing the mid-mounted engine closer to the center of the machine for better left-right weight distribution. In addition, the G Series operator cab is equipped with a high boom design and a new wrap-around instrument panel. JLG INDUSTRIES INC. AND THE GRADALL CO.; 240/420-8721;

Fits Base Machines up to 60,000 lb
Manufacturer introduces a low-maintenance, self-contained, trommel-mounted screening system. It is available in sizes to fit base excavators up to 60,000 lb. Mesh screens ranging from 3Ú4 to 12-in. spacing can be changed in approximately 10 minutes, the provider says. The screener has the ability to transport extra screens inside the unit as well as convert the Trommex to a mixer for cement or contaminant stabilization. AMULET MANUFACTURING; 800/526-8538;

For Narrow Utility Trench Work
Designed for a variety of applications, this redesigned line of compactors with non-hydraulic reversible vibratory plates is suitable for narrow utility trench work or confined areas, such as tight footing or foundation work where turning space is limited. Power for the GPR 65/58 series is provided by a 5.5-hp Honda engine and features dual eccentric design for 6,000 lb of solid centrifugal. It also is equipped with a fingertip shifting mechanism that permits directional changes at full speed. MBW INC.; 262/644-5234;

Rapid-Setting and Flexible
A new product called Tigerthane 220 is a rapid setting, 100% solids, flexible, two-step polyurea elastomer. It provides a durable flexible seal that will not become brittle and break out with movement, claims the company. The product is used for repairing spalled joints, filling in random cracks and patching gouges, holes and surface defects. It is formulated to set in applications ranging from freezing conditions to 130ûF and will be traffic ready within 60 minutes. GARON PRODUCTS INC.; 800/631-5380;

Four-Wheel Drive
The new 8330 compact utility tractor features a three-point-hitch system, rear PTO and mechanical four-wheel drive. Equipped with a category one, three-point-hitch, the utility tractor has standard rear auxiliary hydraulics. A wide variety of implements are compatible with this system and are driven directly by an independent, 540-rpm rear PTO. The 8330 is powered by a high torque, three-cylinder diesel engine that features a 26.5 PTO hp rating. The tractor uses a synchro-shuttle shift transmission as well as hydraulic power steering. ALLMAND BROS. INC.; 800/562-1373;

Pin-On Or Coupler Version
The Contractor's Grapple is available for excavators in the 12 to 40-metric-ton class. It can be used with the maker's Multi-Pin Grabber coupler and direct pin-on models. It is constructed completely from Hardox AR450 material. The 450 Brinell hardness of this plate steel yields strength of 174,000 psi. Versatility is achieved with configurations for demolition, scrap processing, rock handling and land clearing. The operator can choose from grapples with tines in 3/2, 4/3 or 5/4 combinations and maximum openings ranging from 70 to 146 in. ESCO CORP.; 800/446-3726;