For Welders In EarthQuake-Prone Areas
Coreshield 6, an E70T-6 self-shielded flux cored wire, classified under AWS A 5.20-95, meets FEMA 353 specifications for welding in earthquake-prone regions. It is designed especially for bridge and structural applications in seismic areas. According to the maker, welders using the product are noticing better characteristics such as a smooth and stable arc, low spatter, easy-to-remove-slag and a lower fume generation level. Coreshield 6 is suitable for all-position welding and can be used for applications in the field including retrofit work. ESAB WELDING & CUTTING PRODUCTS; 800/933-7070;

Dual Sides
The Spectra Precision Laser HR500 laser receiver is for general, concrete and site prep contractors. It provides accurate measurement of elevations across the construction site, the maker says. The HR500 can be used as either a handheld or rod-mounted receiver for a wide range of applications. The tool features a 15-channel linear display. When moving outside of the receiver pickup area, a lost beam direction indication allows contractors to quickly recover the on-grade position. TRIMBLE; 408/481-7808;

Belt Conveyor Option
This new belt conveyor option, the LTB, is an economical solution for conveying concrete, sand and other building material from the truck mixer directly to the required point on the construction site. At a belt speed of up to 2.5 meters per second, a maximum volume of approximately 40 cu meters per hour of material can be moved. LIEBHERR-MISCHTECHNIK GMBH; 49/7583/949-328;

Dual Side Entry Gates
Model 3394RT has a 33-ft platform height and 2,250-lb platform capacity, while model 4394RT offers a 43-ft platform height and a 1,500-lb platform capacity. Both machines feature the industry's largest standard deck in their size class with the standard platform measuring 7 ft, 2-in. wide x 16 ft, 6-in. long, including the 4-ft manual extension. The platform width is within 4 in. of the machine width on either side, allowing workers closer access to the work space. There also are dual side entry gates. JLG INDUSTRIES INC.; 240/420-8721;

Alternative to Angle Grinding
Model DG 150 grinding system is a brushless motor, self-cleaning vacuum tool used for grinding concrete as well as removing paint, adhesives and epoxy coatings. It can also extract up to 95% of airborne particles in areas such as hospital, office buildings and other facilities that are susceptible to dust. The system is comprised of four components: the DG 150 grinder, the DPC 20 power conditioner, the VCD vacuum cleaner and a diamond cup wheel. HILTI INC.; 800/879-8000;

Different Undercarriage Configurations
The 460 LX is a new addition to the LX series excavator product line. It comes in two different undercarriage configurations: the standard fixed lower or with expandable/retractable side frames. The unit features the Inte-LX computer control system that monitors hydraulic output and pressures and regulates engine performance for the maximum balance between speed, power and fuel efficiency. LBX CO.; 859/245-3927;