New Level of High-Speed Protection
Company has received notification from the Federal Highway Administration that its new QuadGuard HS crash cushion has met test criteria for NCHRP performance at an increased impact speed of 70 mph. The HS system is the newest member added to the line. It is a nongating, redirective, nine-bay system that telescopes when hit head-on at speeds up to 70 mph, effectively dissipating the energy of impacting vehicles at angles of up to 20û. It is designed to shield hazards as narrow as 2 ft wide and is 60 to 70% reusable after design impacts. ENERGY ABSORPTION SYSTEM INC., A QUIXOTE CORP. CO.; 312/664-1616; www.quixtecorp.com

Hook-Tine Shape
Manufacturer adds a new hook-style profile to its heavy-duty PowerClamp hydraulic bucket thumb product line. Featuring a more aggressive hook-tine shape, the versatile PowerClamp design gives contractors additional grasping and handling ability. It is made of high- strength alloy plate using extra-heavy welds, hardened pins and heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders. The hook-style design has a full bucket specific tooth bar and is available in a nonlinkage or progressive linkage configuration capable of rotating up to 190û. AMULET MANUFACTURING CO.; 800/526-8538; www.amulet.com

Millennium, a new three-dimensional architectural wall and ceiling panel, is created with 35 to 45% of the panel volume actually being open space, says the maker. The open structure offers several benefits: It makes the panels stronger than competing panels of similar weight; offers noise reduction when lined with acoustical insulation, without the visible round perforations typical of acoustical panels; and it gives the panels unique light reflecting properties. Different visual effects can be achieved by shining light on, through or behind the panels. GORDON INTERIOR SYSTEMS; 800/747-8954; www.gordongrid.com