Paving Machine: Can Pour From Left and Right
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Ladder System: Safer Access
IDoka Formwork Technology; 43-7472-605-2505;

Concrete Forming System: Versatile and Cost Effective
L Long Home Co. Ltd.; 888-893-6767;

Floor-Covering Scraper: High Productivity
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Generators: Convenient, Yet Durable
T Subaru; 800-227-6246;

anufacturer introduces the Power Curber 5700-C, a new model in its 5700 series of curb and gutter, sidewalk and barrier slipform paving machines. The 5700-C can pour from both the left and right sides, and is equipped with a quiet and efficient computerized Cummins engine. A new standard swivel chute allows the paving machine to pour in a single traffic lane with the concrete truck lined up in front of the machine instead of to the side. The operator platform has been riased for better visibility. n the permanently-mounted XS ladder system, the ladder (complete with an integral ladder cage) is positioned to ensure safety-optimized vertical access to pouring platforms and/or intermediate platforms. The system can now be attached to Doka wall and column formworks in a few steps at ground level before they are hoisted upright. ong Home Co. Ltd., Ebetsu, Japan, is bringing Z-Forms, the company's hybrid concrete forming system for multi-story residential construction to the U.S. The product allows builders and contractors to reduce their labor and material costs. The system uses Z-Panels, reusable high-strength fiber-reinforced polymer composite forms and Z-Boards, stay-in-place panel forms made of insulation and wallboard material. he FCS16 Rip-R-Stripper, an electric-powered floor-covering scraper, is ideal for removing such materials as carpet, ceramic tile, linoleum and mastics. Built with a 3/4-hp, 115/230-Volt AC, 60-Hertz electric motor, it features high productivity, yet low noise levels. With an exciter unit mounted directly to the driveshaft, the scraper uses downward force to bore into and strip away the applied floor covering and adhesive. Producing less than 70 dBA, operation noise is quiet and safe. he RGD3300H and RGD5000H join Subaru's line of generators powered by Hatz four-cycle, single-cylinder diesel engines. The RGD3300H uses a 6.8-hp Hatz 1B30 engine with a rated output of 3,000 Watts, while the larger RGD5000H uses a 9.9-hp Hatz 1B40 for a rated output of 5,000 Watts. Both models have electric starters with recoil backup. GFCI receptacles and fuseless circuit breakers protect the current level.