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he 1600 Wall System 1, a stick-fabricated, pressure-glazed curtain wall system for low to mid-rise applications, has received a Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance (NOA) as well as a Florida Product Approval (FPA). These approvals certify that the product, which has been on the market for several years, has passed testing for air and water leakage, structural pressure, forced entry and impact resistance. The system has a concealed fastener joinery that creates a smooth, monolithic appearance, and can be used independently or as an integrated system. he CW-250 Curtain Wall System was used as the basis of design for the Eastman Music Center at The Hotchkiss School in Lakeville, Conn. The system, with its wide range of dies, met detailing requirements of the building and kept it within budget, says the manufacturer. or this 34-unit apartment complex in Innsbruck, Austria, BBS solid wood panels were used for all structural wall and interior partitions. The facade shows the panels exposed at the balcony underside and partition walls, while the rest are clad with horizontal wood siding and metal panels. The panels have the potential to create a monolithic wall, producing a "structural facade." They can be used without any additional layers depending on thickness and application. or a recent expansion of the Dallas Executive Airport, Now Specialties of Carrollton, Texas, fabricated and installed 30,000 sq ft of Reynobond .16-in. aluminum composite, 4,000 sq ft of Reynobond stainless steel composite, and 1,300 sq ft of Reynobond in a classic bronze finish for the terminal. The panel system incorporates open joints with integral gaskets so that no sealants or weather barriers are required. he Reynobond panel system has a thin layer of Kevlar fabric over its polyethylene core, creating a light, flexible, aluminum composite panel. According to the manufacturer, the item is the only one of its kind that is able to withstand hurricane-propelled debris and similar types of impact without the use of back materials. It also is designed to survive hurricane wind speeds of up to 130 mph, such as in a Category 3 hurricane. he Formawall Graphix Series is an insulated metal composite wall panel system that creates the effect of a multi-panel installation with a single panel, created by adding segmented joints that mimic panel joints. The panels, which are 2 in. and 3 in. thick, can be specified with up to 12 segments per panel and are available in custom widths from 10 in. to 40 in. with 1/2-in. increments. The system is available in standard 22/26 gage G-90 galvanized steel face and liner with CFC-free foam core. popular cladding material in Europe, zinc is 100% recyclable and can outlast the life of a building, says the manufacturer. More than 14,000 sq ft of titanium zinc wall panels were used on the gallery wing of the new Rochester Art Center in Rochester, Minn. new library at Baltimore's Morgan State University features 20,000 sq ft of quartzite cladding. Attached with the Fischer Advanced Curtainwall Technology System, the stone is installed in a fast, energy-efficient manner. The facade system has a stress-free stainless steel undercut anchor suspended on an aluminum subframe of horizontal and vertical members with specially designed wall holders. y constructing an experimental widespan greenhouse with GE's Lexan ZigZag sheet double-wall polycarbonate roofing panel, the Hydro Huismann horticulture company intends to produce more energy than it will use. The panel offers higher light transmission than single-ane glass and insulation similar to multi-wall glass of polycarbonate sheet. These properties will enable approximately one-third of the heat generated in the greenhouse to be sold as surplus. facade architectural mesh system has been constructed for a new six-level parking garage, part of the expansion of Community Hospital North, Indianapolis. Over 40,000 sq ft of metal fabric, supported by Eclipse attachment hardware, created the system, consisting of 60-ft-tall x 15-ft-wide panels. kawood insulating glass offers a new way to integrate the warmth of wood into curtain-wall glass. The system is composed of two panes of glass, with a wood grid of dark red meranti or a lighter colored abachi wood placed between the panes that provides solar protection yet still allows daylight to enter. Laminated wood veneers also are available. The wood bars, with a visible width of 7/16 in., are spaced at 11/32 in. The grid's vertical support bars are 25/64 in. wide and placed 1911/16 to 235/8 of an inch apart. he newest item in a line of air and vapor barrier products, Perm-A-Barrier VP, is a fluid-applied acrylic air barrier membrane that provides continuous air tightness and water protection throughout the wall assembly, while allowing condensation-causing water vapor to escape. It is designed for above-grade wall assemblies and is suitable for new remedial commercial and residential construction.