Evaporative Air-Conditioning: Drier Cooling
UCoolerado; 303-375-0878; www.coolerado.com

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Infrared Heaters: Expansions to the Line
SSpace-Ray; 800-438-4936; www.spaceray.com

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Heavy Duty Heater: Provides a Circle of Warmth
SSunStar Heating Products; 888-778-6782; www.sunstarheaters.com

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Air-Cleaning System: Eight Times the Collection Surface
T Trane; 903-581-3660;www.trane.com

Ice Storage Tanks: Nighttime Cooling Reduces Cost
ICalmac Manufacturing; 201-797-1511; www.calmac.com

Air Conditioner Control: Matches Output
TRawal Devices Inc.; 800-727-6447; www.rawal.com

Smarter Ventilation: Moisture Sensor/Multi-Fan System
W Broan-Nutone; 800-558-1711;www.broan.com

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IT Heat Load Solution: New Guidelines
H ASHRAE; 800-527-4723;www.ashrae.org

Cooling Tower Filter: Minimal Backwash
M Miller-Leaman Inc.; 800-881-0320; www.millerleaman.com

Unit Ventilator: Reduced Sound Level
TMcQuay International; 763-553-5330;www.mcquay.com

Fabric Ductwork: Softening Up an Industrial Office Space
ODuctSox; 866-563-7729; www.ductsox.com

Linear Diffuser System: Self Cleaning
ALTG; 864-599-6340; www.ltg-inc.net

Self-Sealing Pipe: No Sealants Required
GDuctmate Industries Inc.; 800-245-3188; www.ductmate.com

p to three times as efficient as the best compression-cycle air conditioners, the Coolerado Cooler is an all-indirect, evaporative air-conditioning system that does not add any moisture. The fan is sized to handle most ducted applications and will deliver 1,500 CFM of conditioned air. Cooling output is optimal in drier areas in the western U.S. pace Ray's expanded line of low-intensity, gas-fired, infrared tube heaters are available in both natural and propane gas and range in capacity from 40,000 to 250,000 BTU/hr. Four new higher capacity units allow industrial and commercial users to better custom design a radiant heating system. Heaters can be used in straight, L-shape, U-shape, or Z-shape configurations. unStar's heavy-duty, gas-fueled infrared spot heater can comfortably heat an enclosed area of up to 2,500 square feet without using electricity, fans, or moving parts common with other spot heaters. The cylinder-shaped heater is ideal for hard-to-heat areas such as construction sites, unheated work areas and emergency heating situations. rane CleanEffects air-cleaning system removes up to 99.98% of airborne particles down to .3 microns in size from the entire airstream. The system's design creates a number of strong electrical fields that charge airborne particles, which then enter a patented collection field with eight times the collection surface of conventional electronic air cleaners. ceBank Cool Storage tanks store ice at night that is used to cool buildings the next day. Cooling at night with cheaper off-peak electricity reduces operating costs 10 to 20%, conserves resources and lowers emissions, as nighttime electricity is more efficiently generated and delivered. Ice-chilled coolant travels through the tank's polyethylene tubes past fans which blow cold air into the building. he new APR-410 Control provides full capacity modulation for all sizes of direct-expansion air conditioning systems that use R-410A non-ozone-depleting hydrofluorocarbon refrigerant (marketed under various brand names, such as Carrier's Puron and DuPont's Suva). The APR-410 Control continuously and automatically matches AC system capacity/output to changing load conditions. As a result, it provides dramatically improved humidity control without overcooling the space. hile many humidistats located on the wall are prone to false triggers, Broan-Nutone's Ultra-Silent humidity sensing fan (below left) with Sensaire technology senses increases in moisture at the ceiling and automatically exhausts the moisture, turning off once the room's normal humidity level is reached. The system is ideal for problem areas in residential, institutional and light-commercial applications. The fan features a noise level of 0.9 sones and is U.L.-Listed for use over bathtubs and showers when connected to a GFCI-protected branch circuit. Automatic shut-off time is adjustable from five to 60 minutes. All fans in Broan's SmartSense Intelligent Ventilation system (right) communicate with a "master switch" that intermittently turns fans on and off to achieve optimal ventilation. The system monitors sporadic and continuous usage of exhaust fans and calculates additional ventilation needed to meet residential ventilation building codes and recommendations based upon ASHRAE 62 ventilation guidelines. The LEED program awards the installation of SmartSense with 50% of the Indoor Environmental Quality points available. The product also can be used in multi-family and light-commercial applications. eat loads generated by information technology equipment can present problems for data centers by causing decreased equipment availability, wasted floor space and inefficient cooling-system operation. One solution, liquid cooling, is described in detail in ASHRAE's new publication, Liquid Cooling Guidelines for Datacom Equipment Centers. Available in print or for download. iller-Leaman's self-cleaning Turbo-Disc Filters are designed to remove particles and other contaminants from cooling water, complementing the water treatment program by keeping heat transfer surfaces clean. The filter systems are designed for HVAC and industrial cooling-tower and chilled-water applications. Available in multiple micron sizes, the lightweight three-dimensional polypropylene disc media uses a fraction of the backwash water used by conventional sand media filters, resulting in substantial water savings, according to the manufacturer. he new ceiling-mounted AAF-HermanNelson Model AH unit ventilator from McQuay averages four decibels quieter—less than half the sound level—than previous models. This can help schools meet low-noise criteria levels required for classrooms. GentleFlo Air Moving Technology and slower fan speeds reduce sound levels. A larger coil size increases cooling capacity by eight to 10% over current models, allowing a smaller unit to be used. ne recent Boston office build-out specified fabric duct over spiral metal duct to retain the open, semi-industrial look of the space while adding a soft contrasting appearance to the interior, the manufacturer says. The factory engineered Comfort Flow fabric porosity allows 15% of the air to flow through the fabric and the remainder to flow through linear vents. Fabric duct also aids in noise suppression in the HVAC system. The Boston job experienced a 30% labor savings over metal duct. vailable in a range of finish options (right), the LDB linear diffuser system from LTG (left) sends out an additional small air curtain along the ceiling, keeping the area around the diffusers clean. The system may be installed on ceilings, walls or window parapets depending on the design, application and the existing air-conditioning system. The diffuser allows for draft-free conditions, uniform distribution of conditioned air within the room and the flexibility to adjust the general air pattern at any time. reenSeam self-sealing snap-lock pipe is intended for highly efficient systems that are designed to conform to LEED as well as the Green Building Initiative. GreenSeam's improved lock design reduces leaks and works more efficiently, leading to lower energy costs, according to the manufacturer. The installation of GreenSeam is identical to conventional snap-lock pipe, but does not require sealants and tapes, eliminating the material and labor costs associated with those products. It is available in a variety of gauges and 24, 60 and 120-in. lengths.