Pneumatic Torque Wrench: Saves Time

Manufacturer adds the Wright Torque System to its line of torque wrenches. Patent-pending Wright Torque wrenches are continuous-turning, high-speed pneumatic torque wrenches that provide time savings up to 70%, depending on the bolting application, says the manufacturer. Unlike traditional torque wrenches, these are compact for use in confined areas and have torque ranges from 88 to 4,500 lb per ft within plus or minus 5% accuracy and repeatability of 5%. They also reduce vibration and other problems associated with impacting tools.
Wright Tool Co.; 800-321-2902

Versatile Paver: With Various Screeds

The Electronic Paver Management II control unit is a standard feature on the new Titan 7820. A 231-hp Duetz diesel engine gives the unit speed control up to 65 ft per minute when paving. The 7820 accommodates a variety of screeds, including fixed and hydraulically extendable screeds, which allow the paver to place material up to 38.2 ft wide and 11.8 in. thick. Ingersoll Rand Construction Technologies; 515-557-2008;

Soil Stabilizer and Reclaimer: Quick-Change Toolholder System

The new WR 2400 soil stabilizer and reclaimer provides a working width of 94.5 in. and is capable of milling and recycling to a depth of up to 20 in. A technical highlight is the WR 2400’s four-fold, full-floating lifting column system that enables the chassis to glide on the surface smoothly even in case of pronounced bumps. Also, the WR 2400’s milling and mixing rotor with the patented HT11 Quick-Change toolholder system enables fast and easy replacement of toolholders on the milling drum. Wirtgen America Inc.; 615-501-0600;

Tractor/Scraper: AutoLoad System

AutoLoad is an automatic scraper control system, designed for operators of pull-type scrapers who are looking for ways to improve efficiency and reduce op-erator fatigue. The system automates the scraper’s hydraulic lift functions during the loading cycle. Once activated, it automatically adjusts the scraper’s cutting edge height according to draft loads of the equipment without operator intervention. The system is disengaged at the end of the cut through normal operation of the selective control valve lever in the tractor. AutoLoad is compatible with the company’s 9020 Series wheel tractors with powershift transmission as well as ejector and carry-all type scrapers. John Deere; 800-503-3373;

Sealant: Cures Within 24 Hours

Hydra-Seal Handi-Foam is used to seal conduits and innerducts. It is a one-component polyurethane foam that fills, insulates and seals gaps beneath base plates, mud sills, corner joints, around utility pipes and more. The product has an expansion ratio of 2:1 and can be applied in environments with temperatures ranging from 60 to 100˚F. ARNCO Corp.; 800-321-7914; www. arnco

Backhoe Loader: Continuous Rotation

Designed for the earthmoving market, this multifunctional machine brings together an excavator with 360˚ rotation with a telescopic loader. It is equipped with four-drive and steering wheels, quick attachment on shovel and digger sides with translation and steering on both working positions. The new MJX is suitable for narrow working areas, especially in urban settings where only one road lane is occupied. It can work and unload in the same alignment. Haulotte Group; +33 (0) 477 292158;

Drawer Units: Supports Up to 75 lb of Tools

Weather Guard Itemizer drawer units can be installed in vans or in enclosed truck beds. Available in lateral and stacked models, these lightweight storage solutions are designed to compartmentalize tools, small parts and fittings. Each drawer fully extends on roller-mounted drawer glides and can support up to 75 lb of tools and parts, the maker says. Knaack Manufacturing Co.; 800-456-7865;