4-Inch Trash Pump
Four Easy Lifting Handles

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Rugged Pumps
Large Discharge Capacity

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Offset Design

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Drum Doctor
Low-Cost Solution to Drum Replacement

Mechanical Advantage LLC; 908/850-8710; www.drum-dr.com

Tool Carrier
Parallel-Lift Boom

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The QP-4TH, a new 4-in. trash pump, is designed for removing water with high solid content from quarries, mines and other construction sites. Sand, sticks, stones and other debris up to 2 in. in diameter can easily pass through the pump. The QP-4TH offers a maximum pumping capacity of 555 gallons per minute. It has an 11-hp Honda gasoline engine and boasts a maximum head of 92 ft. The pump is housed in a strong aluminum die-cast pump casing and will be available with a diesel engine option in October. A line of centrifugal-type pumps are available in models with 2, 3 and 4-in. discharge outlets. They areconstructed with high-quality, heavy-duty materials and are designed to move high volumes of trash water without clogging the pump. These pumps offer a low-tone muffler and a sound-suppressing air cleaner for quiet operation. They also meet EPA/CARB emission standards through 2007. The HP 1800 side-plate breaker is one model in the new line of HP (High Performance) breakers. Operating weight is 1,430 lb with a hydraulic flow of 22 to 34 gallons per minute and up to 1,800 psi. Its offset design allows the unit to curl completely under the dipper of most large backhoes during transport for safer over-the-road driving. The Drum Doctor is designed to repair damaged channelizer drums onsite or off. It reshapes drums from the inside and can accommodate all standard makes of round channelizer drums. There is no heating of the drums required for repair. The Drum Doctor is constructed of heavy-duty, powder-coated steel and provides a simple one-person operation for safety drum repair. It mounts quickly to any 2-in. hitch receiver. The height is adjustable for varying vehicle and worker heights and there is no external power required for use. Manufacturer adds a new parallel tool carrier to its line of wheel loaders. Equipped with the company’s electronically controlled hydrostatic transmission for increased power and quickness, model WA320PT-5 is suitable for use in government, utility, construction, sewer and other markets. The 166-hp tool carrier has a maximum material-handling arm reach of 19 ft, 4 in. Additional features include orbital steering, a transmission kick-down switch and travel speeds up to 23.6 miles per hour.