Loader/Tool Carrier: Simplified Operation
Loader/tool Carrier: Simplified Operation

The 570M XT Series 3 Loader/Tool Carrier has a Tier III turbocharged engine that delivers 79 net hp. It features a single lever loader control for both tilt and lift for easier operation, with an automatic self-leveling function to minimize bucket spills during raising. The optional Ride Control aids in cushioning the loader arms to prevent spills during transport. It can accept a variety of attachments including a box blade, pallet fork or auger. Case Construction; 866-542-2736; www.casece.com.

Welding Generator: Fully Enclosed
Welding Generator: Fully Enclosed

The 225 GXT Welder Generator has AC/DC welding output with 225 amps/25 Volts of welding power. It has a fully enclosed case to protect the engine from damage onsite as well as reduce noise levels. It can provide welding output for stick, TIG, MIG and flux-cored weldings as well as arc gouging and a wide range of stick electrodes. Lincoln Electric; 888-355-3213; www.lincolnelectric.com.

Field Surveying: Compact Controller
Field Surveying: Compact Controller

The FC-120 Field Controller is a compact mobile computing device for the recording and logging of field survey data. It features a 3.5-in. color LCD touchscreen as well as SD and CF card slots and Bluetooth for data transfer. It runs Windows CE.Net 5.0 and has a large pop-up full keyboard display for data entry. Its lithium-ion battery provides 20 hours of heavy usage. Topcon Positioning Systems; 925-245-8300;

Solar-Powered Webcam: Remotely Monitor Job Sites
solar-powered webcam: Remotely Monitor Job Sites

The Solar-Ready Construction Webcam provides remote monitoring of job sites in a self-contained package. Because it requires no external power and transmits images wirelessly, the unit can be placed almost anywhere on the jobsite. It includes a battery bank system that is managed by an automated charge controller and is housed in a pole-mounted, lockable aluminum enclosure, with lightning protection and circuit breakers for both the camera and solar array. It has a digital readout to show system status and performance, and the camera is capable of handling an 80% drop in energy consumption with over five days of solar autonomy. The camera has an easy installation and requires minimum setup. OxBlue; 888-849-2583; www.oxblue.com.

Diamond Cutter: Less Dust
Diamond cutter: Less Dust

The DCH 300 Electric Diamond Cutter has a cutting depth of 4.7 in., far deeper than most angle grinders are capable of going. Powered by a 2.6 kW motor, it is able to cut through tough materials, including brick, metal beam, reinforced concrete, granite curbstone and steel pipes. Dust is reduced by the attachment of a Hilti VC40U vacuum cleaner, which captures dust right at the source. The blades are guided away from the user’s body, preventing potentially dangerous debris from scattering. Features an in-line grip for greater control as well as low operational vibration levels to reduce fatigue. Hilti; 800-879-8000; www.us.hilti.com.