Decisions. Judges (left to right) Magee, Shepherd, Young and Hurtado evaluated entries.
There was a subtle change in the rules of ENR's fourth annual photo contest. The entry form asked for "dynamic, well-composed, dramatic and aesthetically pleasing pictures of people working safely, projects and structures, equipment and materials." We added the words "working safely" after we got dozens of letters last year from readers who told us that they do not find photos that show unsafe work practices to be aesthetically pleasing (ENR 1/31 p. 4).

We also invited Bob Magee, a safety specialist in the New York City office of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to join our panel of judges, who reviewed almost 600 photos. The other judges were Susannah Shepherd, web designer for our sister publication Architectural Record, Maritza Hurtado, assistant art director for ENR, and Brian Young, a photographer, master black and white printer and member of the faculty of the International Center for Photography in New York City. Their winning choices begin on page 28.

ENR's policy as a news magazine is that we show the industry as it is—the good and the bad, the safe and the unsafe. In news and project stories we don't propose to be the industry's safety monitor. But when we have a choice of photos being used for artistic purposes, we make an effort to make selections that show safe work practices.

Magee alerted the panel about photos that he considered to have blatant citable violations. But he said that in many cases, a photo does not provide enough information to decide whether or not there is a violation. To read more about safety and photography, turn to our commentary on page 26.

We are also launching a new department in ENR this week that we hope will be a winner. Assistant Editor Pearl Herndon will be presenting a selection of short reviews about new books in print and on line.