Our readers have done it again. Their photos of all kinds of projects taken all over the world allowed ENR to capture "The Year in Construction," a photo essay.

The photos are the winners of the magazine’s second annual photo contest. They show the industry at work from the steps of the Capitol in Washington, D.C., to the sand dunes of the Algerian Sahara. They show the many different faces of construction from a heavy equipment operator at a petrochemical project in China to a Native American worker at the Navajo generation station in Arizona.

An all-new panel of judges reviewed almost 500 entries. Business Week Deputy Photo Editor Ronnie Weil and Architectural Record Managing Editor Ingrid Whitehead joined ENR’s Assistant Managing Editor William Krizan, Associate Art Director Nancy Soulliard and Contributing Photographer Michael Goodman.

"We were looking for graphic composition, color, lighting and mood," Goodman said. "The most successful candidates also showed the dynamic connection between the workers and the project itself. That’s what sets these photos apart from progress photos." Whitehead added that she was "impressed by the high level of artistry in the images."

Judges also considered the ability of the photos to tell the story. "The winners demonstrate the power and drama of the industry and the kinds of skills that are needed to execute projects," Krizan said.

Associate Editor Tom Sawyer filled the role of photo contest coordinator for the second year. "We were impressed by the diversity of the photographers, who ranged from professionals working for large companies to a safety manager to a project engineer," he said.

A companion feature on p. 16 explores the growing role of digital photography as a construction tool. Digital photos shared between team members are saving pages of written description.