Each of the projects will receive $450 million under the bond act. The $2.9 billion will be split equally between the MTA and the New York State Dept. of Transportation for road and rail improvements, new buses, dam and canal work and other transportation projects.

ew York state voters approved a $2.9 billion bond measure Nov. 8, allowing two crucial New York City transit projects to move forward as well as scores of others. "It's time for action," says Mysore Nagaraja, president of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Capital Construction Co. The agency is overseeing two transit megaprojects—the new Second Avenue Subway and the East Side Access linking Long Island Rail Road to Grand Central Terminal. Final design can now move toward completion of the first 2.3-mile, 3-station minimal operating segment of the proposed new Second Avenue Subway. Nagajara hopes to let a contract estimated at $400 million for boring new tunnels next spring. "We will make decisions in the next few weeks" on various bids for both megaprojects, he adds.