Rancho Cordova, Calif.-based CC Myers earned a $5-million bonus for repairing a burned Interstate 580 connector ramp 33 days before a June 27 deadline, California Dept. of Transportation officials confirmed May 25.

CC Myers had a $867,075 contract to repair burned concrete columns supporting I-580, which flies over I-880 in an Emeryville interchange called "MacArthur Maze," about a mile east of the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Bridge, Caltrans spokesman Bob Haus says. On April 29, a gasoline tanker traveling on westbound I-80 to southbound I-880 toward San Jose overturned and caught fire. The intense heat caused the steel frame of the freeway to soften, and the eastbound Interstate 580 connector above collapsed onto the I-880 connector, closing two major arterials.

"Thanks to hard, around-the-clock work of Caltrans and CC Myers, our local partners and businesses, Bay Area motorists can once again travel through this busy interchange," stated Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger(R) at a press conference. "Just in time for the holiday weekend, this roadway will be open in 26 days from when the accident occurred."