On page 37, California Construction presents its annual Owner of the Year and Contractor of the Year winners for 2009. For the past several years, the editorial staff has selected the Owner and Contractor of the Year based on some select criteria:

Coming Up… Owner, Contractor of the Year Winners

Owner of the Year – Maintains robust pipeline containing high-profile projects; Advances technology; Facilitates new and innovative workforce development (mentor/protégé programs that help small disadvantaged businesses, job training, jobsite tours for students, etc.); Hires top talent and consistently uses quality sub-contractors; Exhibits clear understanding of building processes and the knowledge necessary to successfully complete a project; Drives communication; and Possesses financial capabilities.

Contractor of the Year -- Business Leadership (Items that could be included here include recent annual revenue totals; major project starts/completions; construction innovations on major projects; adoption of new/innovative business/construction techniques; geographic or sector expansions, or overall company growth [size of overall staff]; awards/recognitions given to the company as a whole [including possible Best Of California awards]; Investment in People (Possible items for consideration here could include safety record/EMOD rate; safety program initiatives and related investments in safety; other training; number of LEED certifications of staff; safety-related company or staff achievements/recognition; information on other people-oriented company policies/initiatives, etc.; and Community/Industry Involvement/Leadership (Possible items to be considered here include community outreach initiatives, programs [including donations of time, money]; staff leadership in construction trade groups or other organizations, such as community charities, general business associations, other notable groups, or on matters of importance to the construction industry.