The Top 25 Newsmakers of 2008:   01/07/2009
  Mike Adams | Bernard Amadei | William W. Badger | Bob Bailey | Frank Bardonaro Jr. | Kevin Bolin | Jon Chiglo | Peter Sanderson | Cary Feldmann | David W. Frable | Elie H. Homsi | Shaun Killa | Kyung-Jun Kim | Ron Klemencic | J. Patrick Kociolek | Warren Lloyd | Bruce A. Magladry | Jim McMinimee | Don T. Resio | John Sumnicht | Maysoon Tawfik | John Tocci | Paul Treacy | Wang Xiangming | Richard Yemm

Many people, in many ways, serve the best interests of the construction industry. The editors of ENR have chosen the following individuals for innovations and achievements featured in our stories in 2008. Those cited here will be honored on March 26, 2009, in New York City. One already has been chosen to receive the Award of Excellence, ENR’s highest honor, and will be the subject of a cover story in the magazine’s March 30 issue.

Mike Adams Mike Adams

FHWA Engineer’s Geotextile Crusade Reaps Results in Ohio

In a tireless crusade, Adams has promoted the use of geosynthetic-reinforced soil methods for faster, cheaper bridge components.

Bernard Amadei

Engineering Professor Develops Best Learning Tool Outside Class

Academic is giving engineering education a new twist, founding a movement catching on with students, professionals and global communities.

William W. Badger

Bill Badger Looks for Leaders in All Kinds of Industry Places

This noted construction academic and researcher is using his experience and industry connections to turn more managers into true leaders—just in the nick of time.

Bob Bailey

An Equipment Dealer Builds a Workforce

A CAT dealership HR manager who decided the best way to find new diesel-service technicians is through training.

Frank Bardonaro Jr.

Crane Expert Raises Safety Bar As Nation Reels From Fatal Accidents

This hoisting expert spearheaded a local standard for tower cranes, and it is serving as a safe model for other jurisdictions.

Kevin Bolin

Kevin Bolin makes new Innovative Waste-to-Energy Process Reality

Bolin was the driving force behind getting five California municipalities and sanitation districts to commit to an innovative process developed by his firm.

Jon Chiglo

Mixing Social and Structural Skills, Project Leaders Guided Historic Rebuild in Minnesota

Chiglo’s design-build savvy, discipline and calm professionalism were key in managing the rebuild of the I-35W bridge.

Peter Sanderson

Mixing Social and Structural Skills, Project Leaders Guided Historic Rebuild in Minnesota

Sanderson’s global experience and mix of social and civil engineering skills were vital to the structural and public success of a high-profile job.

Cary Feldmann

High Dam’s Fish Collector Cuts Mortality to Minimum

Guided, inspired and coordinated development of floating surface collector, an alternative solution in reducing mortality in migrating fish.

David W. Frable

Engineer Succeeds in Prompting Historic Change in Safety Codes

Frable succeeded in his effort to get building and fire officials to include occupant evacuation elevators in the model codes.

Elie H. Homsi

Take 'One Bite at a Time out of the Elephant' Says Father of Pile-Driving Gantry Concept

Homsi conceived the patent-pending idea of a launching truss that also could drive piles, making it a viable solution for wetlands sites.

Shaun Killa

Sailing Background Leads to Two Towers with Turbines

Twin towers are "sculpted by the wind," funneling wind into the turbines. Vibration problems were cured with rubber bearings.

Kyung-Jun Kim

It’s a Supertall Order Building An 800-Meter-Plus �Cloudpiercer’

Samsung Corp.’s project director is leading the team constructing the recordshattering tallest building in the world, the Burj Dubai.

Ron Klemencic

Seismic Engineer Pries Open Floodgates for Performance-Based Design of High-Rises

Klemencic waged a 12-year crusade to gain acceptance for what he calls �real� seismic engineering for tall buildings in the U.S.

J. Patrick Kociolek

Making �Natural’ History by Reviving an Ailing Institution

Former executive director of San Francisco’s California Academy of Sciences envisioned and led the museum’s �sustainable� reinvention.

Warren Lloyd

Mechanical Engineer Proves that Upsizing Geothermal Offers More than Hot Air

He made the case for hospital owners to go green and save big bucks by proving out largescale, geothermal heat exchangers.

Bruce A. Magladry

In I-35W Bridge Probe, NTSB Official Pushed for Early Recommendation on Gussets

Head of NTSB Office of Highway Safety oversaw 15-month investigation and successfully sought interim safety recommendation on gussets.

Jim McMinimee

McMinimee’s Olympian Efforts Spur Bridge Construction Innovation for Utah Dept. of Transportation

UDOT’s project development director pushed for unprecedented use of accelerated bridge-construction methods and best-value bids.

Don T. Resio

Inventing a Way To Plug Breached Levees With Water-Filled Tubes is Good Fun...and Wonderful

With visions of choppers bombing breached levees in New Orleans with sandbags for days, the challenge was to find a better way.

John Sumnicht

Innovative Seismic Design Made Job Viable from the Ground Up

Engineer executed a performance-based design that allowed a large rooftop addition without a major seismic upgrade below.

Maysoon Tawfik

Iraqi-American Engineers Hope

Tawfik rallied industry groups around Tree of Life, which mentors Iraqi engineers to rebuild their nation.

John Tocci

Chief ‘Enabling’ Officer Drives Hard for Process Transformation in Construction

As leader of the Associated General Contractors BIM Forum, Tocci has united diverse groups seeking common solutions.

Paul Treacy

Former Bartender Pours a Cutting-Edge, Concrete Cocktail for Hip, New Skyscraper

Irish-born superintendent framed the cutting edge of concrete construction techniques for Chicago’s trendy, up-and-coming Aqua building.

Wang Xiangming

China State Team Created Construction ‘Miracles’ for TV Headquarters

Hands-on project executive led the team building dramatic new headquarters in Beijing.

Richard Yemm

Floating Device Harnesses Wave Energy

Mechanical engineer founded firm that developed articulated device, the first to commercially generate power from waves.