The Top 25 Newsmakers of 2010  
Jeffrey M. Baker | Joseph S. Collins | Marty Corrado | Christine Fiori | Gary Fore | Joseph E. Gott | Melina Harris | Randy Holman | Alan P. Jeary | Dennis Kamber | Michael Kennedy | H. Dean McLure | Gilberto Neves | Marianne O’Brien | Gustavo J. Parra-Montesinos | Melinda Peters | Dennis C.K. Poon | Timothy Reinhold | David Rempel | Paul C. Rizzo | Dwayne Smith | Jim Stefanic | Steve Underwood | Robert C. Wible | John Wood


Many people serve to improve the construction industry every day. Each year since 1964, the editors of Engineering News-Record have reviewed the stories that have appeared in the magazine during the year and selected individuals for special recognition. The newsmakers are chosen for their innovations and achievements, for giving back to the industry and the public, and for going beyond the duties of their day-to-day jobs. All the winners will be honored at a gala in New York City on April 7. Furthermore, ENR already has chosen the winner of its highest honor, the Award of Excellence. The winner will be the subject of our cover story in the April 11 issue of the magazine. In the pages that follow, ENR salutes The Top 25 Newsmakers.

Jeffrey M. Baker

Affordable, Net-Zero-Energy-Use Buildings Are No Longer Pipe Dreams

Baker inspired and led the team that created a replicable design-build model for ultra-green commercial buildings.

Joseph S. Collins

Hoisting Hero Sent Clear Message to Industry When Voting for Higher Safety

Collins voted in favor of requiring mandatory testing for crane operators in new OSHA rule-making.

Marty Corrado

Ignoring Naysayers, Contractor Goes Out on a Limb To Deliver a Better Building

Multitrade prefabrication of patient rooms and utility racks for an Ohio hospital project, organized by Corrado, was so successful that Corrado is evaluating all types of projects, not only hospitals, with multitrade prefab in mind.

Christine Fiori

Professor Examines Ancient Engineering To Help Modern Societies Build Better

Fiori leads a research team that is helping engineers understand how the Inca built longlasting infrastructure.

Gary Fore

Partnership Cuts Down Dangerous Dust From Road-Milling Machines

Fore put together a complex partnership of industry stakeholders to study airborne silica dust and reduce worker exposure in road-milling operations.

Joseph E. Gott

U.S. Navy’s Chief Engineer Is All Business in Managing Its Global Building Surge

U.S. Navy’s top civilian construction chief skillfully balances public and private sector priorities to keep a more complex milcon program meeting its targets as a fine-tuned business operation.

Melina Harris

Union Carpenter Connects, Fuels Support for Tradeswomen Around the World

Veteran union carpenter in Seattle helped a local electrical tradeswoman win a jobsite harassment case and developed an online network to link tradeswomen globally.

Randy Holman

Corps Manager Has the Right Rx for DOD’s Medical Megabuild in San Antonio

Holman’s energetic leadership and extraordinary dedication to the $3-billion construction effort to realign the U.S. military’s huge base footprint in San Antonio has kept the program on track.

Alan P. Jeary

Hearing the Music of Structures, Analyzing When the Notes Are Wrong

Jeary’s non-destructive data-collection and testing methods lean heavily on physics and math to suggest where problems are brewing in virtually any existing structure whose ideal resonance characteristics can be modeled.

Dennis Kamber

Helping Engineers Lead the Way to Risk Reduction in New Orleans

Fortuitously winning a planning contract days before Hurricane Katrina smashed into New Orleans, Kamber hit the ground running to help search for innovative delivery solutions.

Michael Kennedy

AGC’s General Counsel Negotiates Compromise on California Emissions Rule

Kennedy has told the CARB board that the state’s off-road diesel equipment will easily meet emission goals for many years to come, forestalling the enormous cost of replacements and retrofits.

H. Dean McClure

Engineer Is Committed To Make Reading Key to Young Students’ Future Success

Geotechnical engineering firm’s CEO committed TTL’s bottom line and top talent to “engineer” better readers in local elementary schools, carving a role as a community leader and setting the stage for a similar engineer-led campaign soon to start nationwide.

Gilberto Neves

Relationship-Building With Small Firms: ‘Their Success Is Our Success’

Neves pushed an extensive outreach education program that trained DBE firms throughout the community.

Marianne O’Brien

Architect-of-Record Saves the Day for San Francisco’s Cliffside ‘Snake’ on Stilts

Architect O’Brien found ways to tame a wildly over-budget conceptual design for a stem-cell research lab, while maintaining architectural intent and functionality as well as simplifying construction.

Gustavo J. Parra-Montesinos

Healthy Doses of Steel Fiber ‘Clear’ Rebar Congestion in Concrete Coupling Beams

Parra-Montesinos is seeking funds for more steel-fiberreinforced-concrete coupling-beam tests.

Melinda Peters

Project Director Plays Many Roles To Keep Green Highway Megaproject on Time

The 37-year-old director manages a massively “green” megaproject and serves as its ambassador to the public.

Dennis C.K. Poon

American Structural Engineer Influences China’s First Supertower Code

Structural engineer Poon has spent almost 15 years arguing persuasively, in China, for design criteria that lead to more-efficient highrise structures, part of his effort to align a conservative code with international standards.

Timothy Reinhold

Harnessing Terrible Storms in Quest To Develop Better Buildings and Materials

“It’s a lot safer and so much better than trying to put a bunch of aircraft fuel through stacks of bomber engines,” says Reinhold of the test facility to contain storms of wind, rain, hail, fire and hurricanes.

David Rempel

Physician Pressed for a Solution for Easing Shoulder Pain of Overhead Drilling

This physician and professor found a way to cut down on the strain it takes to drill overhead holes with a new type of power tool that is just as efficient as traditional ones.

Paul C. Rizzo

Design Firm CEO Leads Team To ‘Super Bowl’ of Dam Projects in Missouri

This engineer turned a dam’s failure into an innovative success by leading the team that designed and built the replacement reservoir, North America’s largest roller-compacted concrete dam and the world’s first pumped-storage project to use an RCC water-retaining structure.

Dwayne Smith

Design for Rapid Levee Construction Shaves Off Decade in Schedule

Using Smith’s design, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is achieving consolidation and strength in 60 to 90 days, rather than 10 to 11 years.

Jim Stefanic

Expert Driller Saved Chilean Miners in Gripping, International Rescue Effort

Stefanic led the drill team that successfully rescued 33 Chilean copper miners after they were trapped under nearly a half-mile of hard rock and soil.

Steve Underwood

Novel Choreography of Massive Truss-Lift Ballet Receives Raves

Underwood has coordinated details and decisions on a high-profile engineering success over a vital waterway.

Robert C. Wible

Making Slow but Steady Progress Toward Building Regulatory Reform

Wible is steadfast in his commitment to bring code administrators into the electronic age of plan review, approval and permitting.

John Wood

Builder Finished Bedeviling Ballpark Project an Astounding Three Months Early

Wood credits the site team and the use of virtual design and construction tools for the early finish of Target Field. Others give Wood much of the credit for the accomplishment.