Courtesy of Sundt Corp.
Craft workers frame prominent journalism school building in Arizona.

The Oct. 9th accident that killed young ironworker Ian Delmar in downtown Phoenix has added a tragic element to a prominent education project. He apparently fell through a ventilation shaft whose covering had come loose, says a Fire Dept. spokesman.

"It's a really sad, unfortunate thing," says Charlie Boyd, a spokesman for Sundt Construction Inc., the project's prime contractor.

Both Sundt and Arizona labor officials are investigating the accident and the exact details of what happened aren't yet clear.

Courtesy of Sundt Corp.

Delmar, who was 21-years-old, sustained his injuries in a fall at Arizona State University's new $71-million journalism building in downtown Phoenix. He was an employee of subcontractor Top Flite Construction Inc., which, like Sundt, is based in Tempe.

Around 9 a.m., a tower crane swung an I-beam into position for a mechanical penthouse on the sixth floor. Delmar walked backward helping guide the beam. He kicked a piece of plywood covering the air-conditioning ventilation shaft, took a step and dropped 80 feet, says a Phoenix Fire Dept. spokesman. His fatal wounds included head trauma, internal injuries and two broken arms.