New Orleans Stormwater Outfall Pumps Are Set To Roar
Angelle Bergeron

Weston Solutions, Inc., West Chester, Pa., has delivered on a $110-million, six-month, accelerated design-build contract to increase temporary pumping capacity on two of New Orleans’ outfall canals in time for the height of hurricane season. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on Feb. 7 awarded Weston an $85-million, cost-reimbursable contract to install 19 vertical-flow, direct-drive pumps to aid the 13 hydraulic pumps already installed at the temporary gate structures. The goal for the additional pumps was to increase capacity to 7,600 cu ft per second from 3,600 cfs at the 17th Street Canal gates, and to 5,200 cfs from 2,800 cfs at the London Ave. Canal gates.  Tests in August showed pumping capacity exceeded the goal at 17th Street, reaching, 9,200 cfs.