Ninety private renewable-energy developers have submitted expressions of interest to the Ontario Ministry of Energy totaling 4,400 MW of electricity generation. The ministry issued a request for proposals in April seeking just 300 MW total. Final proposals ranging from 0.5 MW to 100 MW per project now will be due Aug. 25. Awards will be made no later than Jan. 31, 2005, by the Ontario Power Authority, a new provincial agency to be created by legislation now in parliament. Projects have been proposed using wind, solar, water and biomass energy.


On June 25 The Energy Ministry issued a second RFP for 2,500 MW of renewable-energy projects. Expressions of interest under that RFP are due Aug. 3, with final proposals due Nov. 1. Awards will be announced no later than Feb. 1, 2005.

Ontario Power Generation, which succeeded Ontario Hydro as the agency spearheading public-sector energy development, has been specifically excluded from the 300-MW RFP. A June 23 letter from the Energy Ministry forbids OPG to "sell, or otherwise make available, any of its existing generation facilities" to other interested parties or to "participate, whether on its own or jointly with another interested party."

Ontario plans to boost its total renewable-energy capacity from the current 1% to 10% by 2010. Projects proposed under the 300-MW RFP will be due on-line in 2006.