Officials in the region are still assessing the scope of work in Iraq and it is too early for subcontracts to be published for bids. Contractors and suppliers that register will be added to Bechtel's global supplier and contractor database.

San Francisco-based Bechtel is seeking suppliers of goods and materials and contractors that can offer services involving labor in Iraq.

The initial infrastructure work includes one seaport, five airports, miscellaneous electric power systems, municipal water and sanitation services, road networks, school and health facilities, government buildings and irrigation systems.

U.S. officials and Bechtel have pledged a full and open competition to issue subcontracts under the contract, which was awarded April 17.

For more information or to register as a supplier or subcontractor candidate, go to www.bechtel.com.

echtel National Inc., which recently won a $680-million Iraq reconstruction contract, is registering on its web site potential suppliers and contractors who are interested in the rebuilding work.