Army engineers put down what the Corps of Engineers claims in the longest tactical pipeline it has ever placed to fuel the convoys pushing into Iraq. It runs some 55 kilometers from a tap in a Kuwaiti line near Camp Virginia north to the border. The line delivers fuel for the advance in two 6-in. lines, and is being laid at a rate of 6 miles per day. The plan is to chase the assault with a fuel delivery line capable of delivering 600,000 gal per day.

ENR Associate Editor Tom Sawyer filed this story and others from Iraq while embedded with Engineer Brigade of U.S. Army's Third Infantry Division.

uwaiti contractors helped U.S. Army engineers breach the berms and fence along the Iraqi border prior to the movement of coalition forces into Iraq. Col. Gregg Martin of the 130 Engineering Brigade coordinated the work along the DMZ on Wednesday March 19. Five Kuwaiti Caterpillar D9 dozers were brought in help Army V Corps punch 11 lanes along the length of the berm. There was not any shooting and no mines were found.