Too busy. Don’t have time. Software is not ready or difficult. Client is not willing to pay for it. Can’t convince partners or decision makers. Just bought the software.

These are the reasons that some architects gave for not using 3D or building information modeling, in a recent survey by the American Institute of Architects-Associated General Contractors joint committee BIM survey.

Of the survey’s 1,266 respondents, 26% said they were not using BIM. Some of the reasons: 197 said owners were not requesting it; 116 said they had no expertise; 101 said it was too expensive; and 109 said they were not familiar with it.

When asked what it would take to get them to use the technology,  247 said they would if it improved productivity, 196 said they would if the owner were to request it and 77 said they would if their competitors used it.

The 28-question, on-line survey was conducted from Dec. 3, 2005, to Jan. 6, 2006. The initial sample of AIA members included 54,744 individuals. Of the respondents, 36% are in firms of less than seven employees and 33% had gross billings of $500,000 to $5 million in the last completed fiscal year. Of participants, 58% spent less than 5% of their annual operating budget for the last fiscal year on 3D modeling/BIM technology.

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  • Of the 74% using 3D/BIM, 98% use it for basic visualization and design, 34% use it to generate project data, 34% use it for conflict identification and 12% use it for post-occupancy facility management. Many project architects are doing the actual modeling, rather than interns.

    The committee plans to survey contractors later this year.